Florida Campus Cop Lied in His Report When Arresting Preacher

Carlos Miller

Florida Campus Cop Lied in His Report When Arresting Preacher

The Florida cop who handcuffed a man preaching the Bible on campus lied in his police report, which should earn him a special place in hell if you believe in that kind of stuff.

University of South Florida police officer Philip Eonda stated the following in his report about what took place on November 19, the day he stormed up to Adam LaCroix and handcuffed him for preaching to students, according to Fox 13:

“As a suspect in FSS 877.13, which prohibits using amplification of noise which disrupts a school function, I advised LaCroix I was detaining him per FXX 877.13 and was placing him in handcuffs for my protection. I advised dispatch I had the suspect in custody as a X15.”

But in the video, which we published last week, we can hear through a microphone worn by LaCroix that he stated the following as placed handcuffs on him:

“Sorry to have to inform you that you’re being detained for an offense involving the, uh ……..”

Exactly, he had not clue what he would charge him with, but like most officers, he figured he could make up the charges later.

Meanwhile, LaCroix is complaining that the handcuffs are too tight.

“You’re going to get the concrete if you don’t shut up,” Philip Eonda before leading him away as Eonda’s friend with a camera begins following him.

But he doesn’t mention threatening to slam LaCroix to the concrete in his report either.

Instead, he says he had to escort LaCroix away from the “noisy crowd,” which is a contradiction considering he claimed it was the preacher disrupting the students with his noise.

LaCroix was eventually released by another officer who determined that the preacher was never warned about violating  that particular statute prior to his detainment.


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