Florida Captain Suspended, IA Investigates Use of Undercover Cars

Florida Captain Suspended, IA Investigates Use of Undercover Cars to Secure Vanilla Ice, Other Celebs.

Ice is back with a brand new edition, but one Florida top cop won’t be around to hear it.

Florida’s most troubled Sheriff’s Office in Palm Beach County, has suspended a station commander for using undercover patrol vehicles in his private security business.

But not just any station commander.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Captain Jay Hart was the Chairman of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Awards Committee.

Florida Captain Hart was unceremoniously replaced in his office as Commander of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) Wellington district, which includes such well known residents as Bill Gates and Bruce Springsteen, and which is a destination for worldwide polo players.

While it’s rare for any internal affairs investigation to be successful, it must be pretty blatant for PBSO to act, because we know that that particular office is far more concerned with retaliating against journalists and those who’ve crossed the Blue Wall of Silence to speak out about that agency’s particularly dirty laundry.

The source of today’s report is once again Jose Lambiet, who is one of the few police accountability journalists fearless enough to brave retaliatory investigation and worse by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and to continue breaking scoops like this:

A source at the agency told us Hart is believed to have used unmarked PBSO vehicles for his private security business.
Hart, a 25-year veteran, has been running his side business for years with retired and off-duty deputies.
He’s provides security for famous Wellington residents like Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, rocker Bruce Springsteen and rapper-turned-home-improvement-guru Vanilla Ice.
“Apparently, the brass told him to knock off the use of cars several times,” the source said. “They finally decided to do something about it.”

Just last year, a Federal judge “blasted” the troubled Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office led by elected Sheriff Ric Bradshaw for destroying evidence after a deupty killed Seth Adams.

But that’s not the half of it.

PBSO is acquiring quite the international reputation for all of the wrong reasons.

Gawker recently reported on PBSO’s war with Russian hackers, after following up on a PINAC Exclusive story broken by Carlos Miller which you can see below, saying:

At first blush, Palm Beach County would seem an unlikely place to compare to Stalin-era Russia. A two-hour drive north from Miami, it is a land of emerald golf courses and outdoor shopping complexes, where wealthy New Yorkers buy retirement mansions in gated communities. The beach is dotted with luxury resorts, among them Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club. Bernie Madoff was a man-about-town with a membership at the exclusive local country club until it was revealed that he’d victimized many of his neighbors and associates as part of the largest fraud in U.S. history.

Welcome to Wellington!