Florida Cop Made Teen Girl Run Naked in the Everglades to Avoid Arrest

Michael Martinez

Keith Palmer

He told the teens they can avoid jail by stripping naked and running in the Everglades swamp

A former cop at the Miccosukee Police Department was convicted on October 17 after forcing two teenagers to run naked on a secluded road in the Everglades. One of the teens was a girl, we are not sure the sex of the other.

Michael Martinez, 30, was found guilty of two counts of extortion and two counts of unlawful compensation, which are all felonies, according to Broward State Attorney Mike Satz.

According to NBC Miami, on Aug. 5, 2016 Martinez pulled over two 18-year-olds for running a stop sign in the Everglades near the Miccosukee Reservation on Alligator Alley. Martinez found alcohol and a small amount of marijuana in their car and told them to follow him down a hidden road.

Martinez told the teens that they could face jail time if they did not strip naked and run down the road. One of the women claimed that Martinez tried to solicit a “hand job.” The teens said they felt intimated and threatened, so they complied with Martinez's commands.

Martinez faces up to 60 years in state prison; his sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 25.

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Al Pierrepoint
Al Pierrepoint

That he ever thought he could get away with something like this tells us he's learned it from other cops deranged behaviors.


another pervert pig down! how many more to go.........


Florida again. At this rate I will pray for Global Warming to inundate the entire state of Florida and remove it from America. Cops in most cities there are criminal assholes and work to be America's #1 Cop Playground.

Cops Gone Rogue