Florida Deputy Fired for Slamming Teen's Head into Pavement in Viral Video

Carlos Miller

Fired Broward sheriff's deputy Christopher Krickovich is still facing criminal charges.

A South Florida sheriff's deputy has been fired for slamming a 15-year-old boy's head on the pavement, then punching him in the face after claiming the teen had taken an "aggressive stance."

The teen, Delucca Rolle, was only trying to grab a cell phone another teen had dropped while getting arrested for trespassing. Rolle was left with a fractured nose and head injuries as well as a bogus charge of battery on an officer and resisting arrest. Those charges were dismissed two weeks later after video went viral, sparking protests and negative news coverage for an agency no stranger to bad publicity.

Charges were then filed against three deputies involved in Rolle's arrest, including two who beat and pepper sprayed him and one who went along with the coverup in his report.

​Earlier today, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony announced the termination of deputy Christopher Krickovich, who is already charged with five misdemeanors from the incident.

Krickovich's arrest report spews the usual bullshit cops use when trying to justify abuse, claiming Rolle took an "aggressive stance" and "bladed his body" and was "clenching his fists." That is all textbook lies police are trained to use which is why almost every arrest report of an unlawful arrest reads the same. Sometimes they use words like "belligerent" and phrases like "tensed his body," especially when you don't allow them to body slam you. It's all lies.

And they never leave out the most important lie of them all. The word "fear" or some variant of it.

In this case, Krickovich said he slammed the teen's head on the ground because he was afraid the other students, which he estimated to be more than 200, would close in on him and take his gun. He said the students were already yelling and threatening as they closed in on both deputies.

"I had to act quickly, fearing I would get struck or having a student potentially grab weapons off my belt or vest," he wrote in his report.

The video shows it was Krickovich's actions that angered the students, the way he escalated the situation when there was no need. The students were already riled up because deputies were arresting another teen who had been trespassed from the area a day earlier for fighting.

The incident took place April 18 when deputies were responding to a fight between students at a McDonald's near a high school which followed the fight a day earlier.

Broward sheriff's deputy Ralph Mackey who had been charged with falsifying reports was found not guilty by a jury in September.

Like Krickovich, Broward sheriff's deputy Gregory LaCerra is still facing misdemeanor charges for battery and falsifying records charges but he is still employed.


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with this and the UPS shooting, maybe the Broward sheriff's will get a Baltimore makeover... and get there shit cleaned up!

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