Florida Officer Beat Woman in Parking Lot Prior to Beating Her in Jail

Carlos Miller

Watch: Florida Officer Beat Woman in Parking Lot Prior to Beating Her in Jail.

The woman who was repeatedly punched while handcuffed by a Florida sheriff’s officer that led to his arrest Thursday was brutally beaten in a prior incident as she was being arrested, a new video shows.

The dash cam video shows two Jacksonville sheriff officers struggling to arrest Mayra Martinez in the parking lot of Scores Gentlemen’s Club where she had a dispute with management on her first day on the job.

One of the officers is Akinyemi Borisade, who was later caught in a jailhouse surveillance video repeatedly punching her, which led to his termination and arrest for battery.

Borisade can be seen repeatedly punching her as the other officer is struggling to hold her down.

Once she is handcuffed, the officer who was not punching her pulls her up and she kicks him, but he does not respond by punching her.

However, once she is being processed in the jail, she can be seen walking up to officers while handcuffed, which prompts Borisade to grab her by the arms and shove her against the wall.

She responds by swinging her leg up in a kicking motion, but does not appear to have made contact with Borisade.

Nevertheless, Borisade responds by punching her repeatedly until another officer has to pull him off.

Borisade, who was hired in February 2015, was still on probationary status, which made it easy to fire and arrest him.

Otherwise, he would have the same protective status as other cops who routinely get away with murder.

The arrest report states that officers were called to Scores because she was drunk and belligerent on her first day on the job.

Martinez, 31, sent News 4 Jax a pair of photos to show how she looked before the arrest and how she looked after the arrest.

She told the reporters that she is a yoga instructor who was looking to earn extra money at Scores. She also said she is recovering at a local hospital.

News 4 Jax also discovered that Borisade, 26, was arrested in 2008 at the age of 19 for shoplifting, which evidently did not keep him from being hired as a cop.

Jacksonville Undersheriff Pat Ivey said Borisade will still be given the chance to clear his name to allow him to seek employment at another law enforcement agency.


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