Florida Sheriff Denies Police Brutality, Witnesses Claim Long Beating


Florida Sheriff Denies Police Brutality, Witnesses Claim Long Beating.

A Florida sheriff is claims there is “absolutely no evidence” of police brutality during an arrest on Saturday, which left a man bruised and bloodied in his gory mugshot, with one of his eyes swollen shut.

Witnesses and photographs contradict that elected top cop’s denials.

The August 22nd incident began when Jamell Adamson, 31, did not immediately pull over for Martin County Deputy William Jaques as he tried to stop him for running a stop sign.

When Adamson eventually did pull over, parking behind a home, the officer claims that he tried to physically grab him, prompting Adamson to push his hand away and run across the street.

At this point, the arrest report claims that the deputy warned the man to stop, when he did not comply- Jaques fired his taser, hitting him in the back and sending him face first into a wall.

The officer claims that his fall from the electric shock of the taser is how he sustained so much damage to his face.

The Sheriff’s Office provided photos showing the scene of the incident and the blood splatter left behind on the ground.

However, the wall that allegedly tore his face up was free of any signs of blood.

Another problem with this story is that according to his family, there is also a large gash on the back of his head- and eyewitnesses.

“We have eyewitnesses. He was beating and beating him,” Adamson’s sister, Lahareesha Mays told WPBF.

Mays claims that they have been in contact with eyewitnesses who saw Jaques beating her brother with a baton prior to tasing him.

“There is absolutely no evidence that Mr. Adamson was abused in any way by our deputy; his injuries are consistent with him hitting a 2-foot cement wall face-first at full stride,” Sheriff William Snyder of the Martin County Sheriff’s office told WPBF.

The sheriff has stated that they will be testing the officer’s baton for blood, it is unclear if he was wearing a body camera.

Sheriff Snyder also claimed that the only reason he even held a press conference was because of racial tension and to avoid protest.

“In some of our fragile neighborhoods, tensions can run high very fast. There was substantial facial trauma, it was an incident with a white officer and a black suspect, so it had all the ingredients for misunderstanding. I thought it was important for the Sheriff’s Office to get out right away and explain what we have,” said Snyder.

Meanwhile, yet another innocent man’s life is torn apart by police violence during a minor traffic infraction.

If this department is only providing what little transparency that is has because of fear of protest, perhaps that means the protests have been pretty wildly successful.


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