GA Cops Body Slam 70-year-old Woman While Trying to Intimidate Man

Carlos Miller

Georgia Cops Body Slam 70-year-old Woman While Trying to Intimidate Man From Recording.

In the moments after Georgia cops body slammed a 70-year-old woman to the pavement, leaving her with a bloodied face, another cop stood in front of a man with a camera, telling him he was somehow invading the woman’s privacy by recording.

The Glyn County police officer acknowledged that he had no authority to tell the man to stop  recording, but he kept “asking” while completely obstructing the citizen from recording.

This is a common tactic I’ve seen over the years, usually taking place after a cop gives you a direct order to stop recording and you respond by asserting your rights.

The cops then resort to “asking” you, while hulking over you with a badge and a gun in a clear attempt of intimidation.

The best response is to “ask” them to respect your First Amendment rights to record.

The cop then resorted to the old, “if it was your friend or yourself, would you want this happening?”, meaning would the citizen want some random stranger recording his arrest.

The answer to that question is hell yeah, especially when they are body slamming down on the pavement while they’re holding your hands behind you.

Thanks to the video, the incident is now under investigation, according to a Jacksonville news station.

The woman,  Kathleen Mary Allegrone, was charged with DUI.


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