Georgia Cops Body Slam 7-year-old Boy, Claiming he "Attacked" them

Carlos Miller

Athens-Clark County police officers claimed the boy attacked them but that appears to be a lie.

Georgia cops accused a 7-year-old boy of attacking them, which is why they had to slam him to the ground with two officers holding him down until he apologized.

But the boy's cousin said he was only trying to talk to his father who was apparently in custody inside a police car.

The cousin, Ariel Collins, started recording video after they slammed him to the ground, showing the two officers on top of the shirtless child who appears frightened.

The video captures the cops letting the kid standup again, telling him, "I don't need you running around like that," which indicates the kid did not attack the cops.

That statement prompts his cousin to remind the cop that "he's a child" and prone to running around.

And that is when the cop stands up and gets in the woman's face, telling her, "he attacked my officer."

"No, he didn't," Collins responds, which prompts the cop to order her to "back up!".

We reached out to Collins for more information but she has not yet responded. The original video can be seen here.

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Wow, These Officers must have been off on an Acid Trip! I guess they missed the training session on how to respond with a Suspicious 7 year old male. I guess they were so scared but wonder why the taser or the pistols did not come out?

Cops Gone Rogue