Georgia Cops Taser 87-year-old Woman for Cutting Dandelions with Knife for Salad

Carlos Miller

Bodycam video was released Tuesday showing Georgia cops tasering an 87-year-old woman who did not speak English.

An 87-year-old Georgia woman who was using a steak knife to cut dandelions in a field to use as garnish for a salad ended up tasered by police when she refused to drop the knife.

But Martha Al-Bishara is a Syrian immigrant who did not understand the officers' commands, which is why she did not comply.

However, Chatsworth Police Chief Josh Etheridge said she is lucky to be alive because they had viewed her as a "threat."

"​In my opinion, it was the lowest use of force we could have used to simply stop that threat at the time," said Etheridge who was the other cop detaining her when she was tasered.

The incident took place in August 2018 and became international headlines but bodycam footage was not released until Tuesday by Al-Bishara's attorney.

The video is from an officer just arriving on the scene walking towards the chief and another cop who are yelling at her to put the knife down or else get tasered. It does not appear as if the two other cops were wearing body cams.

Seconds later, Chatsworth police officer Steven Marshall tasers her causing her to scream out in pain as she falls to the ground, still clutching the dandelions.

They then transported her to jail on charges of trespassing and obstruction, releasing her two hours later. She then had to check into the hospital for a few days for injuries and back pain from the fall, according to News 9.

Prosecutors have not pursued the charges but they have not dismissed them either, according to the Times Free Press.

Al-Bishara, who has lived in the U.S. for two decades with her family, walked to a field behind the Boys and Girls Club across the street from her house where she began cutting the dandelions.

The field belongs to the Boys and Girls Club even though there were no posted signs. In fact, there was a gaping hole in the fence which Al-Bishara walked through to reach the dandelions.

But a Boys and Girls Club employee spotted the woman walking with a knife and called police, telling the dispatcher the woman was more of a trespasser than a threat, adding that she did not speak English and was only cutting vegetation.

But cops view everybody as a threat, even a frail 87-year-old grandmother who is half their size and more than twice their age. Anything to justify the use of their tactical toys.

In the call to police, which is posted below, the dispatcher asks if she "came at someone with a knife" but the employee said she had not.

“No, she just bringed the knife onto the property in her hand," the employee said. "She didn’t try to attack anybody or anything. We haven't closed in our fence in the back yet and she walked through there."

But Chief Etheridge told local media that a "knife at the Boys and Girls Club" made this an emergency response where no chances could be taken for the safety of the children, even though no children were anywhere near the flower-picking grandmother.

The incident has left Al-Bishara depressed and ashamed. She was recently widowed after seven decades of marriage, according to the Times Free Press:

Timothy Douhne, her grandson, said Al-Bishara is not as vibrant as she was before the showdown. She is ashamed, and she has begun taking medication for depression. Her husband, Azar, 97, died June 1. They had been married for 73 years.

Timothy Douhne said Al-Bishara is from a small village outside of Daraa in southern Syria. Azar farmed oranges, lemons and grapes. During the offseason, for extra money, he photographed families in Syria and Jordan, traveling to assignments by foot with a pack mule. Al-Bishara, meanwhile, raised nine children and looked after elderly residents in the community.

Her son-in-law, Solomon Douhne, immigrated to the United States in 1979. After graduating from Lee University, he taught physical science and chemistry at Murray County High School for 45 years. Timothy Douhne said Solomon taught the officers who arrested Al-Bishara.

Solomon Douhne's wife, Widad, sponsored Al-Bishara and Azar's immigration to the United States in 1995.

Al-Bishara's attorney, Jeff Dean, said he is negotiating a settlement after rejecting a previous offer that was too low.

Watch the video above and listen to the 911 call below.

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Can eWe say, "Totally gutless cowards?" Sure eWe can...


I know im a little late to this party, but i literally was on you tube and couldnt believe the videos they have of cops tasing old ladies. So I gotta say my piece because this one irritates me. First of all if you see an 87 yr old woman you basically can tell hey shes an older lady in her golden yrs. You dont tase an 87 yr old woman! Even if she appears to be doing something wrong, you have two options. Option1 Shes 87 leave her alone and let her do whatever she wants. 2 If you feel the need for some reason to restrain dont freakin tase her you hand her two knitting needles and a quilt, because what could she possibly be doing to hurt anyone. Now this idiot cop decides to take the high road and tase her....i mean isnt that the equivalent of punching Mother Theresa in the face or billy clubbing a toddler. This has to be some low point in law enforcement, like hitting rock bottom and realizing theres a basement. Luckily for this moronic cop the skys now the limit. I wonder what this cops next move is? Hunting down elmo and unloading a glock into him. I hope this cop has a family and kids, if he hasnt tased them to death for breathing,and I hope they sit around at dinner just looking at this moron shaking there heads because this cop literally just tased someone who is basically as harmless as a new born child. Imagine if he wouldve killed her...shes 87....and all the war and hard times shes seen and ups and downs and lived through it only to be taking out by this pathetic piece of crap. This Cop needs to resign , hang up the badge, get a job fluffing pillows or counting pringles to make sure the cans have the right amount of chips. Do something that will keep you from hurting anyone else. There are good cops but its like every dept. has this unwritten law to let a few morons in. Maybe they feel sorry for them. I cant figure it out. I cant think of a word worse than pathetic at the moment so ill just say theyre pathetic. Seriously an 87 yr old woman cutting flowers. Have these cops not heard of the meth, opiod, herion epidemic that is literally taking peoples lives every second. People killing each other like its a video game, and your out tasing old ladies. Really...Really


Why do nervous Nelly cops act like this? Wow, really, you were under threat from this frail woman with a kitchen knife. They would have shot any of us.


I hope this cop gets killed and they rape his family


This helps illustrate a problem we have with our Immigration System. When you dont speak the language of the country you choose to reside in. Things like this happen. Sick of so much effort & expenses being wasted on having to translate everything into a hundred different languages. Should be a REQUIREMENT for citzenship or permanent status within the USA that you must speak & understand Basic English. This would help prevent things like this where if she had understood the basic word of DROP she might have avoided all of this.

Fascist Slayer
Fascist Slayer

Remember these are the Amerifuckers that Americunt and the pentagon want to give military grade weapons to. On bended knee pray for war with Iran, these motherfuckers need to be drafted to go fight for their country


I currently believe with the system we have now that there are no good cops

Cops Gone Rogue