Georgia Police Refusing to Identify Enraged Cop in Viral Video

Ben Keller

Georgia Police Refusing to Identify Enraged Cop in Viral Video as Family Describes Terrifying Experience

Georgia police are refusing to identify the officer who flew into a rage last week after a man did not let him search his home without a warrant.

But the Valdosta Police Department assured local media that the officer was “disciplined” for his actions.

They would not even tell us that much as you can see in the video below

However, since local media did not contact the residents of the home, Earl and Cynthia Cannady, for their articles, PINAC reporter Jeff Gray drove up to Valdosta from St. Augustine to interview the couple about what had taken place last week. He was joined by JC Playford of San Diego who is in Florida visiting.

Earl Cannady and his wife had just gotten home from Walmart when their 20-year-old son came to their bedroom door and said, “dad, the cops are here!”

Since they had just gotten home, they opened door with their guns still strapped to their sides.

That’s when the unidentified detective stepped towards Mr. Cannady and asked, “why do you have gun?”

Both Earl and his wife Cynthia are licensed weapons carriers in Georgia, which is also an open carry state.

Cannady responded, “you’re at my house. I don’t even know why you’re here. You’re at my house asking why I have a gun?”

He then shut the door, walked to the front porch, took his smart phone from a suit case, hit record and walked back to the door.

That’s when the video begins.

It all began when the detective seen in the orange shirt poked his head inside of his son’s open window and asked, “what are you guys doing?’

The Cannady’s son replied, “whoa! what?”

The detective replied, “shut up! what are you doing?”

“Who are you?” they asked

He then went to inform Mr. Cannady the cops were at the door.

After the video began, the Mr. Cannady began to comply with questioning and explained who was staying at the home.

He later invited the cops inside to explain that he only had one phone, which was the one he was recording on.

That’s when the detective became belligerent and informed Cannady he was investigating the residence for drug activity.

Cannady pointed to the tattoo on his back, “that’s fine, guess what? I don’t do drugs; I don’t sell drugs. Read this, man. Drug free.”

“I don’t do drugs. I don’t have a criminal history. Me and my wife take pride in the fact that we are drug free. You’re at the wrong person’s house talking about drugs.”

The detective then accused Cynthia Cannady of being involved in methamphetamine drugs because her brother was suspected as being involved with them.

“I don’t have anything to do with my family,” Mrs. Cannady replied.

The cop then turned towards Mr. Cannady.

“We are here for a drug investigation. Either you can go along with us, alright . . . do you mind if we search your house?”

“You ain’t searching shit,” Cannady said. “Do you have a warrant?”

“Bet I can go get one.”


As the cop began walking out the door Cannady followed.

“Now if you got a problem with those kids, you take it up with those kids, but I’m going to tell you something right now, you don’t got a fucking investigation on me….”

And the cop, already angered about not being able to search his home without a warrant, lost his temper and went into a tirade.

“Number one, you’re going to quit fucking cussing at me,” said the detective.

“You’re at my house,” responded Cannady.

“I don’t give a fuck if I’m at your house or not, you ain’t going to talk to me like that, you understand me?”

“I think you’re getting too close.”

“I don’t give a fuck what you think …” the cop yelled, raising his voice as the Cannady tried to deescalate the situation.

“I need you to calm down.”

At that point, the video is still rolling. And the cops assisting the detective appear embarrassed and want nothing to do with the detective.

When we caught up with the Cannady family, they explained they were in fear after the detective became aggressive.

We also went to the Valdosta Police Department and asked members of the department to help us identify the angry detective.

But they were unable to help.

In fact, only one Lieutenant (seen in the below video) would even talk to us. And he only responded when asked his name and badge number.

So we issued a BOLO report to help us identify the officer involved.

Be on the lookout.

And if you have any information on the detective seen in this video, please visit our contact page and include detailed information.


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