GRAPHIC: Tennessee Cops Fatally Shoot Man Live Streaming his own Death

Ben Keller

GRAPHIC: Tennessee Cops Fatally Shoot Man Live Streaming his own Death on Facebook

A Tennessee deputy shot and killed a man who was live streaming to Facebook, after he had apparently already stopped his car, requesting to see “higher commands.”

He died soon thereafter.

“I would like to see higher commands, please,” Rodney James Hess, 36, tells an unidentified Crockett County deputy before the deputy begins bashing his windshield with a baton.

Startled, Hess appears to be driving away when the deputy shoots him.

He can be heard on video screaming from the shot.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident and released a statement stating Hess parked his SUV on an off-ramp blocking traffic.

A deputy arrived on-scene and called for back-up.

TBI stated Hess refused the deputy’s commands and made erratic statements as several more deputies arrived.

Officers at the scene claim the situation escalated when Hess attempted to strike officers with his SUV at least twice.

Video shows Hess stopped in his car with a deputy standing outside of his window.

Hess can be heard saying he would like to speak to a supervisor.

“I would like the higher command,” he says, leaving his window rolled up.

A deputy tells Hess to roll down his window.

“I would like the higher commands to come out,” Hess repeats. “I need the higher commands to come out.”

The deputies do not reply to Hess’ request to call for a supervisor.

Instead, a deputy pulls out a baton and begins bashing the windshield to his SUV.

When Hess drives away from the deputy beating his windshield, shots are fired through his front windshield.

Footage shows Hess’ vehicle continues rolling as broken glass falls to the floor of his SUV, along with his phone.

Hess can be seen in an earlier video he live streamed, which remains on his Facebook, in the area of the incident outside of his vehicle walking in the road with his SUV partially obstructing traffic.

A passerby stopped to ask if he needed help.

“Nah, I’m good.”

Hess was airlifted to the hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Friends of Hess commented on the Facebook stream they did not believe he was on illegal drugs, but had not been taking his prescribed medication.

Hess’ family posted a video calling for a full investigation into the shooting.

Warning: This is graphic.


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