GRAPHIC: Video Released of Man Shot by Cop for Breaking into his own Truck

Former Mesquite Officer Derick Wiley Body Cam Video From Shooting Of Lyndo Jones
Former Mesquite Officer Derick Wiley Body Cam Video From Shooting Of Lyndo Jones

A federal civil lawsuit was filed in January against the City of Mesquite and indicted former police officer Derick Wiley in the shooting of unarmed motorist...

Ben Keller

Warning: the above video is graphic.

Body cam footage showing a Texas cop shooting an unarmed man suspected of breaking into his own truck was released during the trial against Mesquite police officer Derick Wiley, which began on Tuesday.

Prosecutors showed the jury Wiley's body cam video on the first day of trial.

"I tell you don’t shoot me, and you shot me," Lyndo Jones, the victim, can be heard telling officer Wiley in the video after being shot.

Wiley's trial comes about a week after Dallas cop Amber Guyger killed Botham Jean.

Guyger also says she mistook her victim for a burglar after she walked into his own apartment.

However, Guyger faces a man slaughter charge.

Wiley now faces a charge of aggravated assault by a public servant for shooting Jones, who survived the ordeal after spending several days in the hospital.

Jones encountered Derick Wiley after a 911 caller reported seeing a man in a truck with the alarm going off.

Wiley responded to the call and ended up shooting Jones twice, even though Jones was unarmed.

It turned out, Jones owned the vehicle the 911 caller reported to police.

The footage played in court Tuesday shows Wiley making contact with Jones, then ordering him out of his truck.

Jones complies.

"Open the door! Put your hands up or I will -fucking shoot you!," Wiley screams at Jones.

"Get out the truck and get on the ground!"

"It's wet," Jones replies.

"I don’t give a shit about it being wet! Get on the ground! Put your hands on your head! Turn over! Turn over on your stomach! Fucking turn over!"

Prosecutors allege officer Wiley acted unreasonably from the point he received the call since he turned down back up and approached Jones yelling commands with his gun drawn instead.

"Put your hands on your back! Put your hands behind your back! Yes, you can!" Wiley tells Jones

"What are you doing bro? What are you doing bro? What are you doing man?” Jones pleas before sounds of a struggle and gun shots can be heard.

"451 shots fired! Shots fired!" Wiley says into his radio.

During Wiley's trial, a lead detective for Mesquite police testified about his concerns with Wiley shooting an unarmed man in the back without just cause, according to Fox4.

The detective testified that it was Wiley's intention to shoot Jones.

In January, a civil rights lawsuit was filed in federal court against the City of Mesquite and Derick Wiley for shooting Jones.


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