GRAPHIC: Woman Uses Cellphone to Record Texas Cops in Deadly Shooting

Ben Keller

Video footage recorded by a woman with a cellphone has emerged Wednesday showing Texas cops in a deadly shootout.

Cellphone video shot by a woman from within a nearby car shows Austin police officers firing several shots and fatally shooting a man after he steps inside a Maserati on March 17.

"He's dead. Oh my god. Oh my goodness," the woman in the car recording the shooting can be heard saying before the 13 second graphic video ends.

Austin police discovered the vehicle abandoned later that day and discovered a body inside, which matched the description given for the person involved in the morning incident.

It happened at around 2:50 a.m. after a Maserati Levant and a Chevy Monte Carlo got into a minor collision, according to KVUE.

The graphic video posted to Facebook shows a man getting inside of the Maserati as several police officers open fire on it, apparently killing the man attempting to get inside as the driver speeds away.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said during a March 17 press conference that the traffic collision led to a physical altercation.

"Two individuals get out of the SUV and they walk to the driver side of the Monte Carlo," Manley said.

"One can then be seen leaning into the window and throwing multiple punches toward someone inside the vehicle."

Manley described what happens next as something like a scene from a movie.

"What is then seen immediately following is muzzle blasts from a firearm being shot from inside from that vehicle towards the individuals that were punching them," he said. "The suspect at this point fires at the officers. Our officers return fire as the suspect was getting in the vehicle and then both of those vehicles fled the scene."

Watch video coverage from the March 17 press conference below.

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