Hermosa Beach Officer Elliott’s Version of Excellent Customer Service


Hermosa Beach Police Officer David Elliott’s Version of Excellent Customer Service On Display

What could have been a normal Saturday night in Hermosa Beach, California chasing calls for KATMAN of ONUS News Service,almost turned into a chest bumping and tough guy contest? When what would have a simple call to investigate suspicious activity (individual checking doors) turned into a perfect display of how exactly not to conduct yourself as a uniformed police officer.
David Elliott who pulled in over $112,000.00 of the City of Hermosa Beach Taxpayer’s monies in 2016, simply does not understand that interfering with the rights of the citizen is not part of the job description and that he should simply smile and wave unless asked a question.

That did not happen at all, he started by blinding the camera with his flashlight and then when CATMAN repositioned David Elliott redirected the beam to continue to obstruct and deny any attempt to document the incident.

Would David Elliott have done the same thing if it was any of the Big Local Media Outlets like KCAL, KNBC, ABC7, KTLA or the National Outlets such as CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, likely not and if he did, I can promise you someone would be on the phone with David Elliott’s bosses immediately. Not saying that won’t occur, because it will, I will be calling and so should you.
The video continues, the suspicious character was found to be not so suspicious because he was sent on his merry way and this is where the incident takes a turn to the bizarre and surreal when David Elliott loses his cool and charges over to CATMAN and chest bumps him and behaves as if he is somewhere other than standing on the sidewalk in Hermosa Beach and working as a Police Officer.
I will venture to guess that this display will not be making anyone within David Elliott’s chain of command very happy nor proud to be associated with someone without any semblance of professionalism or self-control.
We will follow up as more information becomes available……….

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What happened to Elliot? Did Katman sue? If so What happened? And what was the $21,575.00 in other pay for?

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