Houston Cop Busted for Lying by Camera, Falsely Arrested Man


Houston Cop Busted for Lying by Camera, Falsely Arrested Man Who Accidentally Dropped Legal Gun

“I just don’t see how he has the heart to lie,” a tearful Julian Carmona told local TV, as you can see below, “I mean, when there’s kids… Can he be honest and tell the truth?”

Houston cop William Wright has been busted by video for an arrest he made last week, claiming a Julian Carmona pointed a gun at him, when in fact his gun was in his pickup truck the whole time.

Carmona is accused of felony aggravated assault.

Both of Julian Carmona’s children witnessed their father getting arrested at gunpoint in the convenience store parking lot.

Carmona is only free on a $30,000 bond.

In the video below, Carmona tried to show the officer his concealed weapons permit, but wisely thought twice and raised both hands high in the air where the Houston cop could see them.

At that point Houston cop said he then “feared for his life” which means he was about to kill Carmona, which led to the arrest at gunpoint.

Then Carmona was falsely arrested by Wright and charged the innocent man.

His only crime was accidentally dropping his gun getting out of his own car.

William Wright was off-duty and driving his personal pickup truck, but in a Houston Police uniform at the time of the arrest

He was buying beer in uniform, which is against department policy.

Julian Carmona had driven speedily through the parking lot into his space, and when he stepped out of the car, his gun tumbled to the ground

Officer William Wright claimed that Carmona pointed the gun at him twice during the brief encounter.

The video shows otherwise.

Then Houston cops tried to claim that Carmona’s 2007 arrest for possessing cocaine made his gun carry illegal.

But Carmona’s lawyer produced documents proving that Carmona cleared his name, and his gun carry and ownership is completely legal too.

And now a father of two must wait to see if Harris County Prosecutors will do the right thing and drop all charges, which you can see below the video.

Because you can see clearly, which of the two Houston men below should be charged, and it’s not the citizen.




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