IL Police Scream “Stop Resisting” & Tase Unresisting Man on Train

Andrew Meyer

Illinois Police Scream “Stop Resisting” and Tase Unresisting Man on Train for Using Foul Language

“I’m not resisting.”

“Stop resisting!”

“I’m not resisting! What the fuck?”

And with that, a Metra police officer tasered 20-year-old Josh Hutchinson on Sunday night, June 21.

It started after a train conductor called police about young passengers using foul language. Metra police officers arrived and arrested Hutchinson for disorderly conduct. Were that the end of the story, the officers in this incident would not be on PINAC.

But that was not the end of the story.

As one officer held Hutchinson’s arms behind his back and Hutchinson screamed that he was not resisting, another officer tased Hutchinson three times and then stood over Hutchinson, locking Hutchinson’s head under his crotch with his legs, asserting dominance like some kind of animal.

To justify this behavior, the officers additionally charged Hutchinson with resisting arrest, though it is unclear from the video how much more compliant Hutchinson could have been while he stood still with his arms behind him back.

Hutchinson has already retained a lawyer and is filing a lawsuit against the officers and the Metra police for unnecessarily abusing him with a deadly weapon. Metra police has jurisdiction over the 11 rail lines and 241 train stations in Northeastern Illinois.


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