IL Police Shoot and Kill “Suspicious Person” Photographing Schools

Carlos Miller

Illinois police shot and killed a man who was taking photographs of schools Wednesday.

The man was also carrying an air gun and wearing homemade body armor.

However, there is no indication he ever pointed a gun at the Zion police officers.

The only thing police are saying is that they were responding to a report of a “suspicious person” taking photographs of two local schools.

When they approached him, the man then led them on a pursuit, according to news reports. They caught up to him and a struggle ensued.

Then they shot him dead.

According to the Associated Press:

Police in the Chicago suburb of Zion fatally shot a man authorities say was wearing a tactical-style vest, carrying a BB gun and taking photographs of schools.
Lake County Sheriff’s Detective Christopher Covelli said the 38-year-old man was killed Wednesday morning after he led officers on a foot chase and a struggle ensued.
Officers responded early Wednesday to a report that a suspicious person was taking photographs of two local schools. Investigators found the suspect, who appeared to be wearing body armor, and the pursuit and shooting followed.
Covelli said the body armor was found to be a homemade tactical-style vest with metal inserts.

In April 2015, Zion police killed another man as he fled, shooting him in the back, claiming he had turned and pointed a weapon at them.

In that case, Lake County prosecutors chose not to charge officers, saying the officers’ were in fear for their lives. But a video that captured the shooting did not show Justus Howell turning towards them.

Zion police requested the Lake County Major Crime Task Force to investigate the latest shooting, the same task force that spent two months investigating the shooting death of Fox Lake police officer Joe Gliniewicz as if it were a homicide when they knew all along it was a suicide.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“The suspicious person was located by officers, and a foot pursuit ensued. It appeared the offender was wearing body armor. After the foot pursuit, a struggle with the offender and officers ensued, which resulted in the offender being shot,” a statement from the task force read.

But they still have not explained what exactly made him an “offender” in the first place considering photographing schools is not a crime.

All they are saying is that the man was white and they have obtained warrants to search his residence, which usually means they are searching for something sinister to present to the media to justify the shooting.

Or as they told the media in a press conference, they are trying to find out “why this individual would be taking photographs of a school where children were in attendance.”


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