Illinois Cops Taser, then Shoot and Kill Woman Trying to Escape Burning Car

Decynthia Celements was shot twice in the head by an Elgin police officer. Now they say she had cocaine in her system.

None of shots were fired at close range, according to an autopsy report by the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office last week.

The report says Clements was shot twice in the head and once in the chest on March 12 by Elgin cop Lt. Christian Jensen.

She was also tasered as she exited her burning vehicle after being pulled over for driving a "suspicious vehicle."

Officer Jenson, and the other officers on the scene were wearing body cameras.

The medical examiner has had sufficient time to review toxicology reports, which reveal Clements had cocaine in her system at the time Jensen shot her multiple times, killing her.

Jensen first pulled over Clements for driving a "suspicious vehicle" near Cedar Avenue in Elgin, Illinois.

Clements fled with a knife.

At that point, officers claim they "disengaged immediately" and later attempted to "negotiate" with Clements.

Clements would move her vehicle up "several feet," according to the officers.

Eventually, officers observed a fire inside the vehicle.

The Elgin Police Department claims officers attempted to get Clements out of the burning vehicle.

But something went wrong, they say, and Jensen's gun went off three times, striking Clements twice in the head and once in the chest.

Clements was transported to a hospital where she was pronounced dead after being shot three times.

Jensen has since been on paid leave and has not yet been charged with a crime. He has worked for the Elgin Police Department for 19 years.

UPDATE: PINAC initially reported Elgin police hadn't released the video, but that was incorrectly reported by another news outlet. The video is now included in the article.


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Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

"Badge Bully" cops do what they do best. Shoot and kill innocent victim... then make up story to cover their A$$.

Rail Car Fan


But something went wrong, they say, and Jensen's gun went off three times, striking Clements twice in the head and once in the chest. Reminds me of the sick joke I heard as a kid. Man stabbed 13 times declared accident. "He kept falling onto my knife, not my fault."


If she was a white dope fiend, they would've saved her life.

Kathy J
Kathy J

Seriously?? The extent to how vague this headline is in comparison to what actually happened, is beyond ridiculous. Where is mention of the fact she repeatedly tried to flee the cops in a battered vehicle with what appeared to have NO front tires, the fact that she more then once nearly hit an officer with it, or mention of how they ended up having to pin her car between 2 of theirs to get her to stop, or the fact that, the car was not on fire when they initially pulled her over and requested she get out, which she refused, it was clear she has a history with that department more then one of the officers knew her by name, where is the mention of the knife she had, which is clearly visible in the video as she lunges out of the car. She was obviously high, she was completely defiant and acting and driving erratically. She was given countless chances to cooperate and she refused. Did she need to die? no however one undeniable fact had she cooperated from the start, she would still be alive.