Indiana Couple in Disbelief after Police K-9 Kills their Dog at 'Bacon Festival'

Ben Keller

It was all fun and games until a police K-9 attacked and killed their dog for barking at Bacon Festival.

A police K-9 in Indiana will be removed from service after it attacked and killed a couple's Yorkshire terrier as they were leaving the Bacon Festival in Delphi, Indiana.

The brutal and maybe even negligent attack happened as officer Flora Ryan from the Portage Police Department was taking a break from setting up the department's K-9 unit booth at the festival on August 25.

Officer Ryan admits she did not have a good grip on her Belgian Malinois named Nyx when Nyx got away and attacked Mile and Kerry Mavrovic's Yorkshire terrier, Bandit.

Eventually, Ryan was able to get Nyx to release his bite on Bandit, who was bleeding from an ear before he was taken to Hobart Animal Clinic where he died from severe internal injuries.

Officer Ryan claims Nyx attacked Bandit for barking at the festival.

But the Mavrovics say Bandit wasn't even barking.

"Officer Ryan says, 'She heard Bandit bark.' She may have heard a dog bark, but it did not come from Bandit," Kerry Mavrovic told the NWITimes.

"Our family is in disbelief. We understand that this was a freak accident, but this was unprovoked by us and our dog."

"Bandit was the sweetest, funniest, most loving little guy. Everyone who knew him loved him. I just can't believe this is real."

Portage Police Chief Troy Williams called the decision a tragedy and decided Nyx would "no longer be a Portage police K-9."

"Due to the circumstances, I have made the decision that K-9 Nyx will no longer be utilized as a Portage police K-9," he said.

"Though, this was a terrible accident, it does not lessen the pain and trauma experienced by the Mavrovics that should have never occurred."

Chief Williams said while the ordeal was a terrible accident, it should have never occurred and took responsibility for the incident.

"While this is an unfortunate tragedy, it does not relieve of us of our responsibility to the public to ensure the safety of all. We are fully responsible for this and my deepest apologies and sympathies go out to the Mavrovic family," the chief said.

Thankfully, no children were physically injured during the incident.

The Mavrovics have not commented on whether or not they plan on filing a lawsuit against the department.

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