Indiana Police Officer’s Son Assaults Man Recording Arrest,

Andrew Meyer

Indiana Police Officer’s Son Assaults Man Recording Arrest, Not Charged With a Crime

During a police ride-along with his father in Indiana, the son of Evansville police officer Bryan Underwood assaulted a man recording his father in public.

The man was recording Underwood as a handcuffed man in the back of  the officer’s police car claimed to have been shot by the officer in the stomach (although no blood is visible in the video).

“You shot me in my motherfucking stomach,” groaned the man in the police car.

“Back up or I’ll get you for interfering,” Underwood told the man recording, abandoning the man in the back of his car to accuse the cop-watcher of littering and demand his ID.

“You just shot him. You just shot him for no reason. He’s in handcuffs!” said the man recording on his cell phone.

“I didn’t do anything,” said Underwood, who refused to identify himself before ultimately handing over his business card. “Don’t worry about me.”

“Give me your ID too!” Underwood then demanded of a woman sitting in the cop-watcher’s car, abandoning the pretense that he wanted identification because of any crime.

“Once he got shot, I started recording,” said the cop-watcher.

“He didn’t get shot, dumbass,” said Brock Underwood, the son of the cop who had been watching this argument.

“He did get shot, bitch,” said the copwatcher.

Brock Underwood, the police officer’s son, then attacked the cameraman, grabbing his camera and attempting to break it.

Despite an officer’s witnessing of Brock Underwood’s assault on the man recording, and the video evidence of the assault, Brock Underwood was not charged with a crime.

The apparent justification of the younger Underwood’s immunity from the law, from Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin?

From the Courier-Press:

He was not charged at the scene — his father was the only officer who witnessed the alleged assault, Bolin said.

So if the only witness to a crime is your father, and your father is a police officer, than you can’t be charged with a crime?

That seems to be Chief Bolin’s opinion, who decided to exempt Brock Underwood from the law and give him a slap on the wrist by banning him from participating in another ride-along.

I’m sure there are thousands of men sitting in prison who wish that they too could have skipped being arrested, going to trial and landing in jail by agreeing to not ride along with police in Evansville ever again.


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