Indianapolis Police Recorded Shooting Man to Death

Carlos Miller

Indianapolis Police Recorded Shooting Man to Death

After repeatedly ordering a man to drop the knife, tasering him several times in the process, Indianapolis police shot and killed the man after he charged at them Saturday morning.

And while we’ve seen many videos that contradict police claims that a man with a knife came charging towards them leaving them no choice but to shoot, a witness video from this incident appears to support those claims.

Nevertheless, some witnesses were upset and began protesting, shattering a window from a police car, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The fatal shooting caused an angry reaction from people in a crowd gathered at the scene, some of whom cursed at officers and questioned whether gunshots were an appropriate response to the threat of a knife. One of the people who was grieving yelled: “Over a knife? Oh my God.”
Another person shouted: “He had a mental illness” — referring to Goodlow.
The incident occurred as fatal officer-involved shootings have become a national issue, most recently in Chicago with the release of a year-old video that contradicted official police reports of the incident. Indianapolis officials are considering having officers use body cameras, and state lawmakers are discussing legislation to regulate the use and public release of police body cam videos.
More than three hours after the Indianapolis incident, emotions flared up again. A windshield of a police car at the scene was smashed followed by a confrontation with officers.

The man who was killed has been identified as Christopher Goodlow, 25, who reportedly was carrying a butcher knife. He had also cut himself. And he was obviously suicidal.

The incident marked at least the ninth person killed by Indianapolis police this year.

He was also the 1,126 person to be killed by police in this country so far this year, according to Killed by Police.

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