Iowa Cops Storm Home, Ripping Out and Covering Surveillance Cameras,

Carlos Miller

These are the police we asked for. The ones we demanded. The ones who would protect us from all evils.

They are now battering down our doors, ripping out our surveillance cameras and storming inside our homes in tight brigades with weapons drawn.

All because somebody inside may have committed credit card fraud.

Do you feel safer, America?

The incident comes to us from the Ankeny, a city of less than 50,000 people in the Des Moines metropolitan area, which left the homeowners completely terrified of police.

Ankeny police claimed they knocked on the door before they stormed in. Video surveillance footage proves otherwise.

Surveillance video also shows police ripping a camera out from the front porch and covering up another one in the basement.

But somehow the footage survived allowing us to see what could be a video of our troops in Afghanistan absent of the Midwestern setting.

One of the home’s residents armed himself with a gun when he heard them knocking down his door, only to reholster it when they announced they were police.

His pistol would have been no match for the militarized stormtroopers who were carrying shields and wearing bulletproof vests and armored helmets.

Police did not find any of the stolen merchandise they were looking for, but managed to make two arrests for charges unrelated to their warrant.

Call Ankeny Police Chief Chief Gary Mikulec at (515) 289-5240.


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