iPhone video catches San Bernardino cops beating man (updated)

Carlos Miller

iPhone video catches San Bernardino cops beating man (updated)

Update: Brandon Piddington, the man who shot and uploaded the video of the San Bernardino police officers beating a man in a 7-11 parking lot, has removed the video from Youtube. And this after he initially made it so you couldn’t embed the video.

So obviously he doesn’t want people to see it. It’s not like it hasn’t already been reported in the local newspaper.

Meanwhile, the other video I mentioned in this piece about overly aggressive security guards that had been made private, forbidding anyone who is not friends with the person who uploaded to see it, has been uploaded to another account.

So I am able to bring that one to you, which is above.

That incident took place on Monday at Florida Memorial University in north Miami-Dade County.

Private security guards from the university caught a 19-year-old student with a bag of weed. They chased him into a bathroom. Other students outside could hear that he was being beaten, so they attempted to pile into the bathroom to witness the incident.

The guards try to hold back the door and at one point, one of them steps out and pulls out a gun. He has not been placed on administrative leave.

Read more here.

So I come across two Youtube videos that show the typical authoritarian abuse.

The first video comes from my former stomping grounds in San Bernardino – where I used to work as a cop reporter for The Sun – that shows a couple of cops beating a suspect. They wrote the article here.

Then as more cops pull up, a cop tries to intimidate the guy with the video camera by demanding his name, then blowing him off when the guy wouldn’t give up his name. Luckily that cop didn’t say anything about the video camera.

It was an iPhone so maybe he didn’t notice.

At first, videographer Brandon Piddington disabled embedding on the video, which is a sure way to reduce viewership. But then he allowed it after I commented on it.

Meanwhile, another Youtube viewer who is supporting the cops in this video sends me a private message saying that Piddington deleted two of his comments and blocked him from leaving anymore comments.

This is what 1blumpkin told Piddington in the comment, according to a private message from him.

1- i only counted 9 strikes, 2-the guy must have been on something for him NOT to feel the hits and NOT comply, 3-thats what batons are for, 4-couldn’t use mace cuz his partner was too close. and the fact that we didn’t see what happened before the video was turned on. who the guy was, what he did, and my favorite….the camera guy said, “the cop is bleeding for some reason….” then he said the cop tried to intimidate him into saying something about what he DIDN’T see. camera guy saw it cuz he video taped it and the cop was calm and respectful. when camera guy caught amnesia, the cop just walked away and camera guy started talking shit. all the camera guy had to do was tell the cop exactly what he saw…simple right? we’re just supposed to let criminals run willy nilly and do whatever they want?

Perhaps 1blumpkin is a cop. And it appears he joined Youtube just to comment on this video.

But his comments should not have been deleted, which is why I’m reposting it here.

He is welcome to comment here and debate the issue.

Then there is another video that was posted on the Miami New Times except we can’t see it unless we become friends with the idiot who posted it on Youtube because he marked it private.

Whatever. I’m not even going to describe that incident except that it involves overly aggressive security guards at a South Florida university. If you want to read about it, check out the New Times.


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