KS Deputy Tasers 91-year-old Man for Refusing to go to Doctor

Carlos Miller

Kansas Deputy Tasers 91-year-old Man with Alzheimer’s for Refusing to go to Doctor

A Kansas sheriff’s deputy was caught on video tasering a 91-year-old man with Alzheimer’s because he would not go to the doctor.

The Ottawa County sheriff’s deputies also handcuffed the man so hard that his wrist broke.

The incident also weakened the man’s heart, family members said, resulting in his death two months later.

The incident took place in March in a Minneapolis nursing home, but body cam footage was not released until Thursday.

At the time of the incident, Ottawa County sheriff officials claimed the man became combative, making them fear for their safety, which is why they had to taser him.

But the video shows he was not being combative. He just didn’t want to go to the doctor.

So stubborn would be the correct description. Not combative.

But being stubborn is no justification for tasering a person, especially a frail, elderly man who is not in a right frame of mind.

All he did was attempt to walk away from the deputies, which is what led to one of them tasering him in the back.

The man shrieks in pain as other deputies handcuff him. They eventually transport him to the doctor on a stretcher.

According to local news station KWCH, who first posted the video:

The video shows the man repeatedly refusing to leave for his doctor’s visit, batting officers’ hands away when they try to help him up, and in the end, making a run for it.
That’s when we see an undersheriff tase him.
The 91-year-old man’s family has asked us to protect his identity in the video. They say the handcuffs broke his wrist and they believe this incident weakened his heart and led to his death two months later.
The Ottawa County sheriff is out of the office this week and told us he was unavailable to speak on camera. He said he thinks the investigation is complete, but needs to check his reports.

The family has not yet stated whether they plan to file a lawsuit.



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