LAPD Officer Feared for His Life, When He Committed Statutory Rape *


LAPD Officer Feared for His Life, When He Committed Statutory Rape *

Some folks just don’t understand the value of a controversial headline like, “LAPD Officer Feared for His Life, When He Committed Statutory Rape *” and yet Juries take that claim and except time and time again.

So Why Should this incident be any different, sorry for the click baitish headline, but not really….

The City of Los Angeles Police Department and it’s Chief Charlie Beck have had one troublesome week but not as bad a Police Officer Robert Cain’s. Robert Cain now charged with violating California Penal Code Section 261.5 (a) after it was discovered during the investigation into the week-old incident involving stolen LAPD cruisers and a group of teenage LAPD Cadets.

Robert Cain is reported by local media as the individual who controlled the issuance of equipment and vehicles at the LAPD Devonshire Station. The very same location the LAPD cruisers were reported stolen from.

What is not surprising is that Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacy has taken easy on Cain, simply charging him with a minor offense versus more serious charges with intensifiers attached like she instructs her staff to do with even the most minor of cases. Let’s not even go into the LA DA’s office practice of refusing to drop charges even if there is a mountain of evidence to counter the fictional claims made by the individuals presenting the charges.

This event is not an anomaly, not with the LAPD nor any other Law Enforcement Agency, this is what these individuals do and history shows it.

Chief Charlie Beck is reported as the person who personally arrested Cain, yesterday afternoon, that is an absolute first.

*Disclaimer: Robert Cain was not in fear for his life as far as we know, just pointing out the ridiculousness of the claim, of one fearing for their lives in defense of committing murder.


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