LAPD Releases Video of Cop Shooting at Man and Shouting "I Will F'n Shoot You!"

Ben Keller

Bullets went flying but the suspect was not struck.

The Los Angeles Police Department released body cam footage showing an officer shoot at a fleeing man.

It happened when two uniformed LAPD cops were conducting "crime suppression" when they observed two men they suspected of being involved in gang activity on May 12, according to an LAPD press release, which can be seen below.

As officer attempted to make contact with the men, one ran off carrying a hand gun, police say.

LAPD cop Joshua Parker chased the man, eventually firing on him.

Keven Palencia, 20, was not struck.

However, authorities continue investigating the shooting.

The original video, which is almost nine-minutes long and heavily edited by LAPD, includes private surveillance video as well as the officers' body cam footage.

LAPD spokesman commander Alan Hamilton said officers became suspicious after the man "exhibited activity consistent with possession of a firearm."

A freeze frame shows Palencia appearing to be holding a handgun.

Palencia then throws the gun on the ground.

However, the officers claim they didn't see that and continued chasing Palencia.

Another man, who was later arrested, picks up the gun and runs away.

"Don't f***ing move, I'm going to get you, motherf-**er. ... I'm going to f***ing shoot you," video shows Parker shouting before he fires.

The suspect collapses on the sidewalk.

Palencia was arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, although a handgun was not actually found.

A loaded magazine was recovered at the scene, according to KTLA.

Even though the incident is on video, and even though no one was injured (this time), LAPD is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact their Crime Stoppers hotline, a tactic often used by police when they are hiding something and want determine if video evidence exists.

See LAPD's press conference regarding the incident below.

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Simply holding a gun without threatening someone is not criminal, even in California. It’s certainly no cause for using deadly force. This officer could’ve easily hit or killed children in the area, and there is no telling where his rounds went as he shot down an open sidewalk.


Man appearred not to be a threat without a weapon showing! This cop must be related to Michael Slager who shot a man in the back, killed him and then received 20 years in prison. Maybe Trump will pardon him for being a law and order guy!

Cops Gone Rogue