Leaked Video Shows School Cop Beating 14-year-old Student in Louisiana

Carlos Miller

The cop was twice his size but his gun came loose during the struggle.

A 14-year-old middle school student in Louisiana was attacked by a school resource cop after arguing with the vice principal and then trying to call his grandmother to come pick him up.

The incident was captured on surveillance video, which was leaked to local media. The video contains no audio but speaks volumes, showing a burly cop barking orders to the kid who is inside the school's front office trying to make the phone call.

The kid puts down the phone and attempts to walk past the cop, who quickly places him in a chokehold and slams him to the floor where the two remain obscured behind a counter for a minute but the cop appears to be punching him multiple times.

Another cop eventually comes rushing in and partakes in the beatdown. The incident took place October 5 at Brusly Middle School in Louisiana.

According to WAFB:

> The footage shows a young male student, believed to be 14-years-old, walk into the office and approach the desk where staff members appear to help him make a phone call. Sources familiar with the case say the student had just gotten into a verbal argument with the school’s vice principal and was in the office to call his grandmother to come pick him up.

> About 15 seconds later, Brusly Police Officer Anthony “Kip” Dupre enters and begins saying something to the teen and pointing at him. No audio was recorded, so it’s unclear what was said.

> The boy remains standing in the same spot until it appears he no longer wants to make the phone call. He steps away from the desk and walks toward the exit. The officer, who towers over the teen at about twice his size, steps toward the kid, puts him in a rear choke hold, and slams him to the ground.

> Once on the ground, the scuffle is mostly obscured from the camera, but the officer can be seen placing his eyeglasses on top the desk as he wrestles the student for nearly a minute. At one point, the officer’s right arm and shoulder are seen making forcible, jab-like movements in quick succession, as if he were throwing punches.

> Sources say the teen admitted to reaching for the officer’s gun during the struggle and had fought with other officers on at least two prior occasions. The video shows the officer’s gun come loose and a staff member picks it up and places it on the desk. She relocates the gun a second time as the scuffle moves closer toward it.

During the incident, three women who work in the front office appeared nervous and not wanting to witness the beating. One of them dons latex gloves and begins cleaning the area where the beatdown took place.

The student's face is blurred in the video so it's not clear if it was bloodied.

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All should be charged with reckless endangerment. Felony assault. Conspiracy to deprive of him of his rights. Battery, and there has to be a hell of a lot more.


They need to get these guys out of our schools and get these woman who want to play mommy out of them too. They do not understand they are there to serve us under the trust. We are not there to serve them. Absolutely criminal what that guy did. He was completely out of control! All those bitches had to do was let him call his grandma. But no! They wanted to act like they were in control. News flash bitches, our kids do not belong to you!


Wow... So the kid tries to walk away, obviously trying to get away from the conflict and that isnt enough. So now when people try to avoid conflict they enforce that too. When people when...


Why did the cop assault the kid? Another case that suggests cops should not be in our schools.

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