Live Streamer Records Own Arrest During Kelly Thomas Protest

Carlos Miller

Live Streamer Records Own Arrest During Kelly Thomas Protest; Footage Survives Despite Camera Confiscation (Updated)

Fullerton police began making random arrests during a protest against the Kelly Thomas verdict Saturday, including pouncing on an independent journalist who was live streaming the action.

Although police managed to turn off PMBeer’s camera, whose first name is apparently Patti, her footage remained accessible on the internet, which you can see above.

PMBeer had been live streaming for more than an hour before that, reporting that police had arrested other photographers as protesters and police squared off with each other in the streets.

But the protest seemed to have winded down by nightfall after they had congregated in a park at the same bus depot where Thomas was killed.

However, an activist told PMBeers that undercover cops were arresting protesters for no apparent reason as they were walking away from the depot. Eventually, more cops came swarming to make arrests.

PMBeers followed the cops making the arrests, trying to capture it on her camera when she was arrested herself.

The footage is dark and grainy, but it is pretty obvious she was not interfering in anyway.

Police told the media that they arrested ten people altogether on Saturday, including three people earlier in the afternoon, one person accused of assaulting a television cameraman.

But the remaining seven were arrested for failing to disperse, they said. And that, of course, took place once the media cameras had left.

According to KABC:

Police Sgt. Jeff Stuart says Saturday’s demonstration drew about 200 people.
Overall, 10 people were arrested. He says one person was arrested in the cameraman’s assault and two others in spray painting an obscenity and an anarchist symbol. The remaining seven were arrested on failure to disperse charges.
Officials said they did everything possible to accommodate the protestors, but were forced to take action when demonstrators turned violent. Officers responded in riot gear to disperse the crowd.

You can see PMBeer’s entire live stream below to find any evidence of this “violence,” but in the video above, which is the two-minute clip leading up to her arrest, the only violence is coming from the cops.

As if that’s anything new from this particular police department, which can be reached at (714) 738-6800.

UPDATE: Below is footage from KCBS showing a protesting wearing a bandanna over her face attacking a news videographer for apparently trying to record her protesting, indicating she doesn’t have the intelligence to be protesting an issue where the goal is to raise awareness.

For someone being so camera shy, Dianna Jordyan Carrol didn’t seem to mind smiling for her mugshot. Idiot.


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