Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies Caught on Video Beating Man

Carlos Miller

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies Caught on Video Beating Man with Flashlight and Fists

Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies were caught on video beating a man with one deputy punching him repeatedly, another deputy striking him with a flashlight and a third deputy holding his legs to ensure he remain still while getting beaten.

“Hands behind your back! Stop fighting!” one deputy yelled while piling on top of the man, his arm around the man’s neck.

The man, who was not fighting, appeared unable to place his hands behind his back.

The incident took place Sunday in East Los Angeles, but not much information is available at the time.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, however, suggested to the local media that the man who was beaten did something to deserve the beating prior to the video.

But they have not explained exactly what he did, who he is and what charges he is facing.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said Thursday that officials are aware of what transpired before the actions captured on video.
“It’s important to look at the totality of the situation beyond the 15-second video clip,” she said in a statement.
At the time, the department launched a use-of-force investigation, she said. The incident is still being investigated.
“The video will be part of the evidence that is included in the investigation,” she said. “The sheriff’s department takes all force by personnel very seriously and will take appropriate action.”

The video is actually 28 seconds, but perhaps she was only looking at the portion where he was not being beaten, which still would not amount to 15 seconds.


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