Louisiana Cops Shoot and Kill Family Dog while Serving Warrant on Wrong Address

Carlos Miller

The warrant listed the address as "3905" but they ended up raiding the home with the "3885" address which was nearby.

In a matter of seconds, Louisiana resident Laura Lavergne watched a group of sheriff's deputies enter her property and kill her dog in another botched raid that has left another family devastated.

Rapides Parish sheriff's deputies then blamed her for the shooting death of Loki, a 5-year-old boxer that Lavergne describes as her autistic son's best friend.

The incident took place Monday, according to Lavergne's lengthy Facebook post about the incident, which is posted below in its entirety because it captures just how callous law enforcement can be when "serving and protecting."

Yesterday, I had to tell my autistic son that he no longer has his best friend.

The loss to our entire family is so devastating, so unbelievable, we are all in shock. I can't stop crying and shaking. Loki was not just a dog. He was not property. He was our family.

Monday afternoon Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office and Metro Narcotics division shot and killed our beloved 5 year old boxer ten feet from my front door, mere seconds after we even realized anyone was on our property.

There was no announcement of who they were or that they were here. I heard Loki barking and opened my front door to see what it was, and saw several officers standing a few feet from my door. I couldn't imagine why police were at my home and I had received no information or commands, so I told them to hold on so I could get my husband to contain our dog. Tony went out the door to grab him and 2 seconds later I heard several gunshots.

Moments later my baby was dead on the ground and we were being treated like criminals. We were held hostage for about two hours in our grief, while we had to wait outside in the yard for a crime scene THEY created to be investigated. They didn't even want to tell us why they were here and they wouldn't leave, at that point we still didn't know why this was happening. They didn't ask who we were or to see ID. They later begrudgingly told us they had a warrant for someone named Jerry. My husband's family has owned this property for 15 years, and at that point we knew they weren't even in the right place and told them so, told them our names.

They didn't want to tell me the address the warrant was for and refused to show it to us when we asked, told us we had to wait for a supervisor and internal affairs. One officer coldly told me it was our fault for not having our house clearly marked, even though I have two mailboxes with our address at my driveway entrance. I also have a sign right next to my driveway that informs anyone on my property that my dog is contained by an invisible fence.

If they'd have just backed up ten feet to tell us why they were here, if they'd have just taken the time to read mailbox numbers and go to the right address, they could have avoided having to be "afraid" and their mistake wouldn't have had the cost of a lost life.

It took what felt like forever for that supervisor to arrive, and after quite a lot of screaming and cursing on my part we were told the address of the warrant. It was 3905, we are 3885. I drove my road today, and there's no way my address should've been mistaken for the one they were looking for. My neighbors all have numbers on mailboxes, and addresses are in chronological order.

In the midst of the chaos and shooting and death of my dog, an officer pulled a gun on my husband as well. We were so shocked and devastated it really didn't hit me until today how much danger we were in too.
Had my husband not been able to control his emotional state after seeing our dog murdered feet away from him, he might have been shot too.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I've always been supportive of law enforcement. After this, none of us will ever be able to put our trust in that again.

Loki was the center of our world. He knew how to smile, and sit, and shake hands, and do a cute little spin. He wiggled his butt every time I told him he was beautiful, which was several times a day, every day. He was my son's best and only friend in a world that he doesn't feel acceptance in. He was incredibly smart, he alerted us several times when Hunter had a seizure in another room. He was spoiled with treats and hugs and love every day of his life.

He should've died a very long time from now, in comfort and peace. Not in terror and in pain that we couldn't save him from. My heart and my soul is forever broken because officers couldn't be bothered to be certain they were in the right place before aggressively surrounding my home armed and shooting a member of our family.

I love you forever Loki, and I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you from such a horrible, senseless death.​

This is at least the second time the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office has needlessly shot and killed a family dog, according to the department's Facebook page where citizens have been leaving complaints as you can see in the screenshot below.

The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office is hardly alone when it comes to botched raids. Earlier this year, a Houston cop was charged with murder for a botched raid that left two innocent people dead as well as two of their dogs.

The Chicago Police Department is notorious for its botched raids that have led to multiple lawsuits and have left multiple children traumatized as documented by

Last month, CBS 2 produced an excellent documentary from the perspective of children who were victimized during botched raids conducted by the Chicago Police Department, which can be viewed below.

We have sent Lavergne a Facebook message seeking more information so we will update this story if she responds.

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These worthless cops should be shot. WTF is WRONG with cops these days. More dogs killed by cops. Citizens should be allowed to gun down these scumbag cops.


If people only knew how they brutalize their own K9's behind the scenes. It is literal torture. I worked in a PD, and there were actual attempts to arrange an "unfortunate accident" for me when I spoke out about it.


Houston wasn't a botched raid.


great job piggys! alienating one copsucker family at a time!

by the time enough copsuckers realize that the cops aren't there to protect them, it will be too late! the POLICE STATE will have run rough-shot over all of us!

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