Louisiana Deputy still on Job Despite 2 Women Accusing him of Forcing Fellatio

Carlos Miller

West Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputy Ben Acreneaux received a two-week suspension.

A Louisiana sheriff tried his hardest to keep journalists from obtaining public records that would prove one of his deputies forced a woman to perform oral sex on him in order to avoid receiving a traffic ticket.

But his efforts proved futile when a second woman came forward to accuse the same deputy of the same thing.

Now it's going to be national news. Especially considering West Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputy Ben Arceneaux received only a two-week unpaid suspension for his actions.

Acreneaux is now back on patrol, likely still using his badge to force women to suck his penis.

And what does the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Mike Cazes have to say about all this?

Absolutely nothing because the sheriff has refused to return calls and messages from reporters at WBRZ, who have been investigating the incidents since March 2018.

At first, Sheriff Cazes refused to release the records, hiring an out-of-state attorney to help him fight their release, but WBRZ got their own attorneys involved, which led to the records finally being released in June.

The first reported incident took place on January 19, 2018 when Arceneaux stopped a woman he had been stalking for a month, according to WBRZ.

"How far would she go to get out of a ticket," Arceneaux was said to have asked the woman, according to documents obtained by the news station.

Then on another occasion, Arceneaux stopped the woman and "placed one hand against her throat and the other hand grabbed her hair on the back of her head," according to investigative reports.

The rest of the report is heavily redacted but the woman's family told WBRZ that "Arceneaux stuck his penis in the victim's face and made her perform oral sex on him while he was on duty."

When questioned by investigators, Arceneaux claimed the woman consented to sucking his penis, even though it is still not even clear why he pulled her over in the first place.

While that incident was being investigated, a second woman came forward on February 9 claiming "Arceneaux grabbed her by the neck and her hair pulling her around."

The woman said she pushed him off her and refused to suck his penis.

It does not appear as if that incident was ever investigated because the report consisted only of two paragraphs with no follow-up.

WBRZ reached out to other Louisiana sheriffs who said they were "flabbergasted" at how Arceneaux still has a job. Arceneaux has been with the department for about ten years.

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Susie Q
Susie Q

Now there are five women. Three more came forward after WBRZ aired the original story.


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