MA Cops Handcuff Man, Force him to sit in Sweltering Cop Car for Hour,

Carlos Miller

Massachusetts Cops Handcuff Man, Force him to sit in Sweltering Cop Car for Hour, for Not Showing Respect.

A Massachusetts state police officer ordered a man out of his car over a tinted window violation, aggressively handcuffing him when the man would not put his camera phone down, forcing him to remain seated and handcuffed in the back seat of a cruiser with the windows up and the air-conditioner off for an hour.

All because the cop wanted to teach him a lesson for “questioning my authority.”

The incident took place this week in Revere, just outside of Boston, which explains the mob-like tactics of police. That’s just how it’s done up there.

Destefano posted two videos on Youtube, explaining in the comments that he was released with only a citation for illegal tints after he was forced to sit in a sweltering cop car for an hour.

It all started when Anthony Destefano was pulled over and ordered to provide his license and registration with him insisting on knowing why he had been stopped before handing over his information.

They went back and forth a bit before Destefano provided these items and the cop informed that he had been pulled over for tinted windows.

The cop walked back to his car with his information before walking back a few minutes and ordering him out of the car while opening his car door – as if he had just discovered a warrant for Destefano’s arrest.

But there was no warrant. There was no probable cause. And there was no reasonable suspicion that he had done anything more but buy a car with illegal tints.

It was all because, as he can be heard saying in the video, “you treated me with zero respect.”

But respect must be earned.


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