Man Begs Ohio Police Not to Kill Him During Arrest


Man Begs Ohio Police Not to Kill Him During Arrest.

On the same day that University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was arraigned on murder charges for the killing of Samuel Dubose, a video was taken of a man begging officers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol not to kill him.

The video was posted to Live Leak by a user named Edward Williams who wrote that the incident occurred on July 30.

“This happened today in Cincinnati Ohio just days after a Cincinnati police officer killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. Another black guy helps the police out with this arrest. No details on why the guy was arrested. Perhaps both lives were saved that day…” the caption on the video stated.

In the video, a driver pulls up to the incident and it appears that the cop has the man in a choke hold.  The couple sits inside the vehicle for a moment recording the situiation, until the cop yells for the witness to come help him.

The man who is recording jumps out of the car to help the cop out.

The man in custody can be heard repeatedly declaring that he did not reach for the officer’s weapon.

The cop asks the witness to grab his cuffs and the man in custody asks that the witness not let the cop break his neck.

“He tried to kill me, you seen him trying to choke me out man,” the detained man tells the witness who has been asked for help by the officer.

The witness appears to keep his distance while unsure of what to do in the situation as most people would be.

“Please! Please! Please don’t let them kill me,” the man on the ground pleas with the man.

If you were asked to assist an officer during an arrest, what would you do?


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