Man Records His Own Unlawful Arrest on Hidden Sunglasses Camera

Carlos Miller

A Missouri deputy might think twice the next time he tries to arrest a person on bogus charges.

The last time he did so, the arrest was caught on a hidden camera in the arrestee’s sunglasses.

The incident occurred November 22 when Benton County deputy Dana Winn was questioning John Lewis outside his home about a man who used to live there wanted on a felony warrant.

Lewis, who doesn’t trust cops, has various cameras hidden around his home, including a small camera inside his sunglasses.

Lewis told Winn the man he was looking for didn’t live there anymore. Lewis kept his answers short and abrupt, which infuriated Winn.

Winn responded, “I’ve been nothing but cordial with you and you’re being a jackass.” Winn went on to say, “I will come back here every day until I find out, I’ll bang on your door until something happens.”
Deputy Winn also got frustrated with Lewis because he wouldn’t address him with the proper title. Lewis kept calling Winn “Mr.” and “Officer.”
“It’s not officer it’s deputy I don’t work for the city I work for the county, you have a problem with that we’ll discuss it down at the jail,” said Winn.
Winn asked to search the home but was denied because he didn’t have a search warrant. Lewis was arrested a short time later for obstructing government operations.
“You hesitated on your answers, which leads me to believe you know more than you’re telling me,” said Winn.

So essentially he was obstructing government operations when he refused to allow a cop without a warrant to search his home?

Lewis is threatening to sue if the charges are not dropped. He should sue anyway.


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