Man Tasered and Arrested for Telling Cop "Open Your Ears" and "Shut Your Mouth"

The victim is now suing for $3 million.

Chattanooga police officer Cody Thomas is the definition of a ticking time bomb; a clueless but cocksure cop who has no business carrying a badge and a gun as you will see in this video which proves him to be a felonious liar who fabricates police reports.

Yet he is still on the force, having served only a two-week suspension for tasering and arresting a man in his own front yard on false charges after the man failed to show whatever respect the badge is supposed to grant the cop wearing it.

Thomas did all that while neglecting an actual call for service about a man with a gun threatening residents in the neighborhood because safety be damned when a cop is disrespected by a man whom he has disrespected.

The incident took place last April and resulted in the victim, Nate Carter, being jailed on disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges aka contempt-of-cop charges.

This week, Carter's attorney filed a $3 million lawsuit which may sound like a lot but once you see the video, you will probably think he deserves more.

According to WRCB-TV:

​Body cam footage from April 13, 2018, showed Officer Thomas on top of Carter arresting him. This was after another neighbor on Vance Avenue called 911 saying a man named "Polo" was outside threatening neighbors with a gun.

The complaint filed by Carter's attorney on Tuesday said the neighbor described the man police were seeking as a black male wearing green and black pants.

"Are you Polo? What's your name?" the officer asked Carter as he approached him.

He responded saying, "Don't be coming to my house. That's over there. Gone over there."

The lawsuit claims Carter, who had on a purple shirt in the video, was just checking his mail. The situation escalated when Carter attempted to return to his home.

"They calling about you?" the cop continues to prod Carter as he tries to make his way back inside his home.

"They're NOT calling about me," he responds. "How about you open your ears and shut your mouth?"

"How about you watch your mouth before your ass gets thrown in the back of my car," Thomas threatens..

And it all went downhill from there with Thomas first threatening to shoot Carter's dogs, then tasering Carter when he tried to walk back inside his home.

Carter manages to make it inside the home, prompting Thomas to pull out his gun and engage in a mock standoff with a man who did nothing wrong.

"Get your hands out, show me your fucking hands!" Thomas yells towards the house (best to turn your volume down).

Wayne Sullivan, the man who had called police, tries to talk to Thomas, probably to tell him he had the wrong guy, but Thomas orders him back inside his home.

Another cop pulls up and Thomas pulls his car in front of Carter's home and the two cops stand behind it as they continue their mock standoff.

More cops arrive as Carter walks back out with his kids and he is immediately tackled with several cops piling on top of him and two arms shoving his face into the dirt as he protests in pain.

"I popped my cherry," Thomas tells another cop after Carter is thrown into the back of the police car, bragging about he finally got to use his taser 16 months into the job, maybe even getting an award for it, a certainty of more to come.

He then speaks to Sullivan, the man who had called the cops, the man whom he shooed away during his mock standoff.

"Hi, you called, right. It's about him, right?" Thomas asks.

"No, no, no, it was another guy but he ran ... he had the glock ... he was standing by that telephone pole," Sullivan says, explaining how the man had threatened to shoot him and his female companion while they were playing cards.

Thomas then accuses Sullivan of pointing out Carter as the gunman which is why he went after him which is a lie.

The beginning of the video shows a clueless Thomas confronting Carter while ignoring Sullivan, whose voice can be heard in the background, not much different than how he blew Sullivan off during his mock standoff.

The fact that Thomas is still a cop despite the overwhelming evidence that he is a fraud and a thug is all the reason not to trust police.

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Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

Even though video taped footage shows what happened this cop was just simply outlying a fucking dog.😡😎

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

I blames the prosecutors,grand juries, and all white jurors and judges because they are just simply allowing them to do criminal acts by just simply looking the other way letting them get off all but saying to them to keep doing their bad actions because they’l have their backs and this is why judges are simply always excluding black jurors because white jurors are always from the beginning of time doing things they knows is morally wrong but they all are just simply going to be burned in hell’s fire because they are ice people and definitely a cancerous virus to the world.😡😎


Watch your mouth... But "get the fuck out here now" lol these fucking people. I swear. They are the stupidest sons a bitches on the planet. Im not a part of it "you are now" Threatening to shoot his dog who chained up. Assaulted him for disobeying an unlawful order. Continues to escalate it. Where they do find these fucking morons...


Guy would be completely justified in shooting the cops at that point.

Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

A portion of three million $$$ sure can buy the right type of victim satisfaction under certain situations and circumstances.

Rail Car Fan