MD Law Enforcement Officers Caught on Camera Choking, Beating Man

Carlos Miller

Maryland Law Enforcement Officers Caught on Camera Choking, Beating Man (Updated).

Maryland law enforcement officers were captured on surveillance video chasing a man into a store and beating him over an apparent small amount of heroin.

The video was sent to Cop Block from a source saying the officers were from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

But the patches they are wearing appear to match Maryland State Police more than the sheriff’s office. However, Maryland State Police tend to wear long-sleeve uniforms and these officers are wearing short sleeves.

The action begins at :42 in the first video below, showing a man wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandals running into a lobby of what is described as a store on Market Street.

The first officer that chases him inside slams him down, sits on top of him, then shoves his forearm on the man’s neck as the man squirms in an attempt to breathe.

Then two more law enforcement officers run into the lobby, one who is in plainclothes and wearing a badge around his neck, the other in full uniform, who proceeds to punch the man several times in the face while the first officer is holding his wrists.

A fourth officer steps in and holds the man’s legs down while the second uniformed officer continues to punch the man in the face.

Then another law enforcement officer runs up to the door, this one wearing police blue, so likely a Frederick police officer, but he does not partake in the beating as the suspect in already in handcuffs.

The person who sent it to Cop Block said it was sent to him or her from employees of the store, which is unnamed at this time.

This was sent to me via a store (in a plaza) on Market Street, in Frederick Co. MD. From my understanding (which is vague) the arrest was for a small, “personal amount” of Heroin. I was told the arrest, nor the incident was ever reported. The police officers also attempted to retrieve the original video from the security system. There is no sound. Not sure of any of the names. Original video available if someone wants to try and pull any info from it. All the officers actually involved appear to be sheriff deputies.

The person does not say when the incident took place, but considering everybody seems to be dressed for warm weather, it is possible this took place months ago.

However, there were a few days last month where it was uncharacteristically warm in Maryland.

But judging from the video, there is no evidence at this time that the man deserved such a beating.

We will update this when we obtain more information. Below is the shortened edited video and the longer unedited video.

UPDATE: Maryland state police provided a statement to PINAC, explaining that the incident took place August 17, 2015. They said the suspect, Bradley S. Martin, led police on a chase after they tried to pull him over for speeding.

They said they had to beat him because he would not “comply with verbal directions to get on the ground” after chasing him into the building.

They also said he kept reaching into his waistband, so you know, that made them fear for their lives.

TFC Hood gave multiple verbal commands directing the suspect to stop, but he did not. TFC Hood caught up to the suspect as he ran into a business establishment in the unit-block of Carroll Creek way. The suspect did not comply with verbal directions to get on the ground.
TFC Hood attempted to take the suspect into custody, but he continued to resist and would not comply with the trooper’s directions. The trooper saw and felt the suspect repeatedly try to get one or both hands into the pockets or waistband of his pants. The trooper was trying to gain control of the suspect’s hands as the struggle continued.
The suspect was continuing to try to get his hands into his pants when TFC Whorton arrived. TFC Hood told the backup trooper he thought the suspect may have a gun in his pants and he could not gain control of his hands. The trooper used closed hand strikes to the suspect’s face in an attempt to gain control of the suspect. TFC Bussard arrived and assisted in the attempt to arrest.
The suspect continued to struggle with the troopers and they could not gain control of his hands. TFC Whorton used additional hand strikes and the suspect submitted and was able to be handcuffed.

The statement says internal affairs investigated the incident and determined the cops acted “reasonable.” The statement also says that Martin was in possession of 15 grams of heroin. A grand jury indicted him last month on drug charges.


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