Memphis Guard has Sex with Dead Woman in Hospital Storage Room

(Left to Right) Cameron Wright, April Parham

Joshua Brown

This hospital security guard had sex with a dead woman.

A hospital security guard in Memphis, Tennessee was so desperate that he had sex with a dead woman. It really doesn't get any worse than that.

Cameron Wright, 23, was charged with abuse of a corpse after witnesses found him having sex with a female corpse in the hospital morgue. Wright admitted to the sexual activity. The incident occurred on August 24 at St. Francis Hospital.

Kindergarten school teacher April Parham, 37, was in the hospital for mental issues when she died suddenly due to a heart attack. Parham was a organ donor, so her body was taken to a organ donor storage room.

It was then that Wright took it upon himself to began having sex with Parham in the storage room. An official with the Mid-South Transplant Foundation and a hospital security staffer caught Wright in the act of having sex with the dead woman, ABC 11 News reports.

Wright admitted to Memphis police that he had intercourse with the dead woman.

St. Francis Hospital released this statement:

> "Treating those we serve with dignity and respect is our top priority. The behavior of this individual does not represent what our hospital stands for, and these actions are completely unacceptable. We are saddened by this incident, and we are empathic and sympathetic to the family of the patient. We contract with U.S. Security Associates for our hospitals security services, and all officers are required to undergo thorough background checks. The security guard involved in this situation has been terminated."

Wright was a contract employee with U.S. Security Associates of Roswell, Georgia, a privately held company that has more than 150 offices nationwide and internationally. The security company told hospital officials that Wright had passed the background check required of all civilian security officers who work for the company.

It is unclear if the hospital will maintain its contract with U.S. Security Associates.

He made his first court appearance Friday before Judge Louis Montesi of Shelby County General Sessions Court and remained in Shelby County Jail afterward under a $3,000 bond.

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