Menace to Society Portland Police Lieutenant Leo Besner At It Again,


Menace to Society Portland Police Lieutenant Leo Besner At It Again, Assaulting and Unlawfully Arresting A citizen

Contributed By Mike Bluehair,

On the evening of June 20th, 2017 Portland (SERT), Portland’s Special Emergency Reaction Team” were responding to a domestic Violence call on 181 Ave. Eli AKA Son Of High Tower was quietly filming the police after they had already entered the house for some time. As far as what could be seen there was no danger to public safety at that point. After a few moments an Officer notices Eli and Says (Hey Buddy, I need you to back up. If you wanna cross the street that would be alright, alright?”

Which Eli responds by immediately moving to where he was directed!
Not more than 3 minutes later Eli was confronted by 2 other officers who told him he had to move locations for a second time because He was “in the line of fire with an armed suspect” never mind the numerous supreme court rulings affirming the police have “no legal responsibility to protect human life! “ Castle Rock, Colorado v. Gonzales” moments later as Eli was trying to politely stand up for his right to film the incident Enters Lt Leo Besner (#27981).

To say this Cop is a Menace to the People of Portland would be an understatement that would make one’s mouth dry out! Here are a few examples Of Besner’s “Handiwork” “on November 4, 2005, after Raymond Gwerder, 30, called some friends to say he was holding a gun and considering suicide. The friends called the police, and, perhaps so the Bureau could once again enforce Oregon’s assisted suicide law, Officer Leo Besner (#27981) of the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) killed Gwerder with one shot from a Winchester rifle.

Gwerder fired his gun once after the police showed up with hostage and crisis negotiators, but to this day nobody has found the bullet.Perhaps most disturbing, though, is Besner’s history. Besner was the subject of two lawsuits from incidents in 2003 that were resolved in the past year: He’s one of the cops involved in throwing down and pepper-spraying protestor Bill Ellis at close range during an anti-war protest, settled with other cases for a total of $845,000 (PPR s #32-35); he is also one of the officers who improperly roughed up a young Latina (15-year old Maria-Janeth Rodriguez-Sanchez) and her friend at a Tri-Met stop, ending in a $140,000 settlement (PPR #36).

The Police Bureau also found that Besner may have lied during the Ellis case when he claimed in his police report that the man was blocking traffic by holding a protest sign off the curb. Besner also tasered a 71-year-old man in 2004 when the man was attempting to restrain a woman who had a knife (Willamette Week, February 11, 2004).
Now Getting back to the Incident….. Benser immediately threatens Eli with arrest and within seconds Goon Grips His Camera causing it to stop the recording! Now Besner can ratchet up the violence by grabbing Eli by his arm causing bruising.

As an experienced cop watcher myself I can tell you that Eli handled this perfectly by keeping calm even while being assaulted By a know Killer Cop. the last thing someone should be doing is escalate the situation! I’m actually known for Heckling Law enforcement.

That Said, this was not a good time to do that! So Hats off to Eli for keeping his composure Like A boss! The people of Portland have little to no remedy to get Besnor and other rogue cops off the streets because of a rehire arbitration clause in their union contract with the city! So, for now, citizens filming police bringing them into the court of public opinion is the closest thing to justice we are likely to see in this town for the foreseeable future! I actually had a “few moments of quality time with Lt Besner a number of months ago.”

Elias behavior during this encounter with this violent Menace should be a text Book example of how to do it right! Eli, I salute you!

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