Miami Beach Police Re-Hire Cop Caught On Video Drinking In Uniform


Miami Beach Police Re-Hire Cop Caught On Video Drinking In Uniform On South Beach.

A Miami Beach police officer was fired for getting drunk in uniform while working off-duty at a South Beach nightclub, but an arbitration panel has re-instated the former Officer of the Year.

Miami Beach Sergeant Mike Muley was in terrible shape when fellow officers found him, and whisked the inebriated officer off to a local hospital from South Beach’s famous Mangos nightclub for medical treatment just over two years ago, after an anonymous tipster called the department at 4:30am on a Monday morning.

He drank six double-vodka and cranberry cocktails.

A waiter “felt uncomfortable” delivering them to the cop in a back alley.

Then, the stumbling Sergeant Muley unholstered his weapon while trying to dance with a woman.

And vomited on camera.

It was all caught in the video you can see below, and documented in a 200-page internal affairs investigation file released to the public.

But Sergeant Muley is back, pending a doctor certifying him medically fit for duty and alcohol counseling courses.

In 2012, Sergeant Muley gained local notoriety for earning $161,000 landing the officer as the City of Miami Beach’s 25th highest paid employee.

Which is probably why he spent two years fighting the termination.

In fact, more than half of Miami Beach’s highest paid public employees that year were cops, three of whom were suspended with pay at the time.

Officer Muley himself was suspended for two weeks and demoted for his failures as supervisor in one of South Beach’s most grizzly crimes committed by uniformed police against citizens.

Muley was overseeing the two Miami Beach officers who got drunk on the job in 2011 and perpetrated an ATV riding fiasco which seriously injured one tourist and one local, coincidentally exposing the Sergeant for being late to the job and lying on his time sheets in connection with the incident.

That night alone resulted in five supervisors being demoted, the two Miami Beach officers fired, one of them Derek Kulian was convicted of reckless driving and given an 18 month jail sentence.

Now, despite embarrassing video evidence and a sustained internal affairs complaint, the video and absolutely no doubt that a senior police officer was drunk in public in his uniform, the purportedly independent arbitrator decided that Miami Beach residents deserve to give Sergeant Muley a third chance.


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