Miami Cop Yanked Mom From Car for Parking on Grass in Viral Video

Alexandra Gratereaux

Miami Cop Yanked Mom From Car for Parking on Grass in Viral Video, Sees Charges Dropped.

A Miami mother caught on camera in a heated debate with a Police officer near her daughter’s school in October, just had all charges dropped on Tuesday.

Rita Guzman from Cutler Bay, Florida told CBS news that she feels “just relief” and wants to put the horrific incident behind her.

The Miami-Dade state attorney office headed by longtime prosecutor Kathleen Fernandez-Rundle published the following memo about Guzman’s case:

“After reviewing all the evidence, a jury would likely find that the force that was used by this Officer, and the injuries sustained, were beyond that necessary for this type of offense (a parking infraction).”

“I’m happy that we can kind of start rebuilding and move forward from this,” Guzman told the local news station but she “see[s] him two, three times a week. It makes my stomach hurt.”

Guzman is justifiably confused by the aftermath of her brutal arrest, and wondering what it takes to remove an officer after they’ve used excess force remarking that, “I just don’t understand why he’s still working, let alone in the same school.”

“I would like to see this officer off the streets and without a badge.”

The incident with Officer C. Brown took place in October, quickly escalating into a physical altercation when Guzman pulled up at school to pick up her daughter at Whigham Elementary, about 25 miles south of the glitz and glamour of South Beach.

Guzman was parked on the grass – a no parking zone – when the cop asked her to move her vehicle.

But the conversation went south when the officer decided to yank Guzman by the neck with his bare hands out of her car, arrested her and made her spend the night in jail.

Guzman says she’s still recovering from the physical and emotional injuries from that day.

“I have inflammation so they’re giving me steroid shots,” said Guzman. “That’s why they were talking about surgery if the inflammation doesn’t go away. I also still have inflammation in my left wrist,” she added.

Now, Guzman and her lawyer are moving full throttle with a hefty lawsuit.

“Rita’s been injured both physically and emotionally,” said Guzman’s attorney, Lonnie Richardson. “What we see on video when that officer drags further. It was excessive force.”

But for Guzman the ultimate victory will be getting the officer fired.


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