Michigan Cop Forces Fingers into Man’s Anus

Carlos Miller

Michigan Cop Forces Fingers into Man’s Anus After Discovering Suspended License

A Michigan cop forced his fingers into a man’s anus, then fondled the man’s genitals after arresting him for driving with a suspended license earlier this year.

Something he can only do with a valid search warrant and a valid medical license, according to the man’s attorney.

The incident was caught on video, prompting a federal lawsuit against Allen Park police officer Daniel Mack, who can be heard on video telling Kevin Campbell he has every right to probe his anus with his fingers.

According to WXYZ-TV, the local news station that obtained the video:

You can’t do that,” says Kevin Campbell on video captured inside the police lock-up on June 7, 2016.
“Yes, I can. Yes, I can,” says Allen Park Police Officer Daniel Mack.
“Why you putting your fingers in my [expletive]?? Why you feeling my [expletive],” says Campbell in the video.
“Cause you got [something] tucked into your [expletive],” said Mack.

But Campbell had nothing tucked into his anus.

And Mack not only did not have a warrant, he is not a licensed medical professional. And Michigan law states both are necessary before a cop can legally probe a citizen’s anus, according to Campbell’s attorney, David Robinson.

The incident took place June 7, 2016 after Mack pulled Campbell over for not having a visible license plate.

Campbell said he had just purchased a minivan for his wife, so the car still had a temporary license plate, which was taped to the window.

During the stop, Mack discovered Campbell was driving with a suspended license, which was when he was arrested.

Once he was handcuffed in the patrol car, Mack then had a police dog search through the car for drugs which he can only do with probable cause and a search warrant, Robison said.

But even after the dog didn’t find anything, Mack still was not satisfied, so he ordered Campbell to drop his pants after placing him in a jail cell at the police station.

“Your pants [are] unzipped. I’m gonna find it one way or another, alright? So we can do this the easy way or the hard way,” said Mack on the video. “What you got in your drawers,” said Mack.
After Campbell is put in the holding cell, Officer Mack appears to become irate.
“Drop ‘em,” said Mack.
“Drop what,” asked Campbell.
“Your drawers,” said Mack.
“You want me to get naked,” asked Campbell.
“Yeah, you’re getting naked. You’re in a holding cell, you’re getting naked,” said Mack.

Two other officers entered the cell to ensure Campbell drop his drawers and allow himself to be sodomized.

Mack made no mention of the cavity search in his report.

As we’ve seen with many officers who violate the Constitutional rights of citizens, Mack has a history of abusing his power.

Last year, he arrested and abused a man for speeding in a Dodge Challenger when witness video show he had actually clocked another Dodge Challenger for speeding.

Robison, the attorney representing Campbell, is also representing Arthur Chapman, the man in the above incident.

Sexual abuse seems to be a common and accepted among officers at the Allen Park Police Department considering earlier this year, a female police officer named Tracie Brown filed a sexual harassment suitagainst a male officer named Sergeant Daniele Cerroni, whom she accuses of pulling out his penis and forcing her down, ordering her to perform oral sex on him.

Brown also accused Cerroni of using both hands to choke her when she refused his sexual advances.

When Brown filed an internal complaint, the chief assigned Allen Park Lt. Dave Williams to investigate.

But Brown said he also sexually harassed her while investigating the allegations.

When the local news reported on Brown’s lawsuit, a man named Matt Tracer came forward with his own lawsuits against the department, claiming he had been roughed up by Allen Park cops, then arrested when he tried to complain about it at the city council meeting.

Tracer settled the first suit for $75,000, and the second suit for $58,000, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

Campbell’s lawsuit, which you can read here, lists Mack, a cop named P. Morris and an “unknown officer.”

Mack is seeking qualified immunity, claiming he had no idea that penetrating a man’s anus would be a violation of his Constitutional rights.

PINAC investigative researcher Felipe Hemming contributed to this report.



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