Michigan Cops Run Stop Sign and Arrest Man who Struck them who had Right-of-way

Carlos Miller

Michigan cops are trying to pin the blame for a crash on a citizen when a surveillance video shows the cop is at fault.

A Michigan state trooper blew through a stop sign in an unmarked car and was struck by a car that had the right of way.

However, the cop wasted no time in arresting the driver, threatening to taser him.

And he would have likely gotten away with it had it not been for a home surveillance camera that captured the incident Wednesday night.

But even after being confronted with the truth, Michigan state police say they are reviewing the black box in the citizen's Honda to see if he was speeding, which would allow them to cite him for the crash.

However, no black box is necessary to determine the trooper ran a stop sign in his Jeep Cherokee, so he should have already been cited but police will always protect their own and this is a perfect example of that.

According to WXYZ:

Carlos Martinez's red Honda crashed into the Jeep, causing the Jeep to spin 360 degrees before stopping next to a house where a surveillance camera captured all of it.

The undercover trooper, who was driving, got out of his crashed SUV, walked over to Martinez, who was slowly getting out of his car, and the trooper ordered Martinez to the ground. The trooper's partner then handcuffed him.

It's unclear why the troopers handcuffed Martinez. His relatives told 7 Action News that the troopers did not even ask him if he was injured before ordering him to the ground.

"My son wasn't sure if it was a (taser) or a gun, so he was scared," Martinez said, who also told 7 Action News that troopers were rude and even tried to steer them away from the scene of the crash when they went to check on their son. She said some troopers at the scene tried to make her believe that her son was involved in a crash at a different location.

Both the trooper and Martinez were transported to local hospitals. It is not clear at this time on what charges they arrested Martinez on but it appears as if they do not even know, which is why they are counting on the black box to give them some type of accuse to charge him.

Watch the video here.

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Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

Well that’s just simply some free money that he’ll be receiving because video taped footage surely will convict that cop.😎


dirty cops. nothing like victim blaming. it is obvious who is at fault.

Cops Gone Rogue