Michigan Hospital Security Guards Tase Handcuffed Man

Carlos Miller

Michigan Hospital Security Guards Tase Handcuffed Man, Snatch Camera from Witness

Hospital security guards in Michigan were struggling with a handcuffed man in a wheelchair who was yelling for help in a parking lot when one of them tasered him in the back.

When the guards noticed a man was video recording, they went after him and snatched his camera, telling him it was “private property” and the torture of the handcuffed man was “confidential.”

The handcuffed man kept yelling, “I fear for my life,” and “please don’t hurt me” as well as the phone number to his girlfriend, 586-879-1273, which I haven’t called because it is currently 4:30 a.m.

A Macomb County sheriff’s deputy appeared and detained the man for video recording.

But that is all we know about the incident that took place at McLaren Macomb hospital. The video was posted on Facebook this week and was reposted on Youtube by someone else who included the original description:

“Share this video!!! Police brutality in Macomb county!!! This man was dragged from the car, choked, and tasered…afterward McClaren security stole my phone and had Macomb sheriff detain me for recording the assault.”

I’ve posted it on Live Leak, knowing Youtube’s history of deleting videos after receiving complaints from police.

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