Michigan “Officer of the Year” Negligently Fires Gun in Classroom,

Carlos Miller

Michigan “Officer of the Year” Negligently Fires Gun in Classroom, Striking Teacher in Neck

A Michigan school resources officer and former “Officer of the Year” negligently fired a shot while toying with his gun inside a classroom Friday, shooting a teacher in the neck while she was teaching class in the next room.

Police say the teacher was not injured because the bullet did not penetrate her skin, but they are not even releasing her name or any other information.

All we know is that Bay County sheriff’s deputy Adam Brown is on paid leave until the “investigation” is complete.

But parents of students at Bay City Western High and Middle School are peeved about being kept in the dark about the shooting – receiving only an automated phone call saying “there was an incident involving a gun being discharged by an officer.”

According to Michigan Live:

(Jenny) LaPlant said she called Principal Judy Cox Monday morning.
“She said she can’t give out any information,” she said. “She didn’t tell me a teacher got hit. What would they say if one of our kids got hit? I don’t believe a gun should be in a school, security or not. If we’re trying to teach our kids not to bring guns to school, then why are (adults)?”
Kevin Cliff, who also has a son in sixth grade at Western Middle School, echoed LaPlant’s sentiments. He received an automated phone call at 10:10 p.m. Friday, informing him that something happened.
“I spoke at the school board meeting last night, expressing my lack of pleasure with their lack of transparency,” said Cliff, who is a science teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Bangor Township and a boys’ basketball coach at Bay City Central High School. “They literally haven’t said a word to anybody. Friday night, I had a discussion with my son about it and he said they didn’t call secure mode for almost an hour after the occurrence.”
Cliff said the school board didn’t give him much of a response.
“They didn’t say a word,” he said. “It seems like they’re trying to cover their behinds. I think the secure mode wasn’t done to make sure kids were actually safe; it was done to say they did it. That’s the only justification. It really seems they’re trying to close ranks. They’re not being forthcoming. It makes me really question if there’s more to the story.”

In 2012, Brown was one of five Michigan law enforcement officers who received “Officer of the Year” awards from Crimestoppers. His award was for developing a program to help other officers deal with autistic children.

And all mocking aside about award-winning officers, Brown does seem to care about educating other officers about autism judging from this 2008 article, so we commend him for that because more of that is needed in this country.

Then in 2015, he led an active school shooter training session to help prepare students and officers in the case of a mass shooter inside the school.

The school remained free from flying bullets until Friday.


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