Milwaukee Cop Caught On Camera Beating Man While Yelling

Carlos Miller

Milwaukee Cop Caught On Camera Beating Man While Yelling, "Stop Resisting"

If the internet has taught us anything, it is that cops appear to be trained to yell “stop resisting” while beating or tasing citizens into submission.

I learned that after my first arrest when Miami police pounded my head into the pavement, which is why by my third arrest, I learned to beat them to the punch (no pun intended) by declaring, “I’m not resisting.”

The latest incident to surface comes to us from Milwaukee where police pulled over a drunk man attempting to drive his friend’s Lambrorghini.

Police said Jeffrey Strasser was endangering the public by running a stop sign, so they had no choice but to pull him out of the car, thrown him to the ground and punch him repeatedly.

A bystander with a video camera happened to record that part and now the video has gone viral.

But police, of course, insist they did nothing wrong.

According to Jalopnik:

Police claim that Strasser’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit 90 minutes after his arrest, the car’s lights weren’t on, and he ran a stop sign, narrowly missed hitting several pedestrians. According to a police spokesperson, officers stopped him, and ordered him to get out of the car.
What happened after that is mostly a his word against mine scenario, but the video zooms in on Strasser lying face down next to the car, a police officer firmly planted on his back. The cop tells him to stop resisting before raising his fist high in the air, twice, to pummel Strasser in the head with the side of a closed fist.
The Milwaukee Police Department found no wrongdoing on the part of its officer, who is out on the streets now looking for crimes to solve. The Department announced plans to press charges against Strasser for resisting arrest and second offense DUI.
Strasser told TMJ4 last week that when he stopped, police didn’t say anything, they just tore him from the car and flung him to the ground.
“I know what happened is not right, but… that’s not how you make an arrest, by kicking the (expletive) out of somebody like that,” he told TMJ4.

Here are several other examples of cops caught on camera yelling “stop resisting” when the suspect is not resisting.


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