Milwaukee Cop Runs Motorcyclist Off Road


Milwaukee Cop Runs Motorcyclist Off Road, Cites Him for Failing to Yield to Emergency Vehicle

In an incident captured on camera, a group of people on motorcycles were riding out of downtown Milwaukee when a police vehicle swerved and slammed into one of the bikers. After running the man off the road in a reckless move that could have proved fatal, he then cited the man he hit for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

The bikers were participating in the Miltown Throwdown, an annual ride that drew approximately 250 people out on their motorcycles on Saturday afternoon.

The department claims that they had received calls that the bikers were riding erratically, and so an officer had moved to the front of the group and began switching back and forth between lanes to slow them down as they rode out of the downtown area.

The department claims that the man was attempting to pass the officer, when he ran into the police vehicle and caused the collision, but witnesses and video seem to paint a different picture.

In the first 13 seconds of the video, the patrol vehicle is seen swerving between the left and middle lanes, a rider wearing blue moves to the right lane in an attempt to get around. The cop car then dramatically veers all the way across the lanes seemingly attempting to hit him.

All seems to be well however, until 50 seconds into the video when we see two people who were thrown from their bikes as the officer stops and gets out.

The bikers immediately begin to confront the officer, demanding that he intentionally hit the biker.

“That cop cut him off,” a rider says to the man filming.
“He fucking cut him off,” the man filming exclaims.

One particularly enraged, and brave biker begins yelling at the cop and demanding that he leave the scene. Other witnesses continue to demand that the officer hit the biker on purpose.

“I’m as big as you! What? Get back in your car!” The biker demands as he takes off his jacket and refuses to back down. Eventually he is pulled away by other riders, which is probably a good thing as people who can’t fight use weapons – and cops don’t seem to be capable of fighting.

The police claim that nobody reported injuries on the scene, despite how it appears in the video. Witnessed have said otherwise; that the man was, in fact, injured.

“He is okay, but going to the hospital now. He has injuries that the paramedics DID NOT check out,” a woman named Aleah Washington reported on Facebook.

Ultimately, the man the cop could have killed was cited for having a suspended license and for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, the local Fox affiliate reported.


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