Missouri Cops Caught on Camera Killing Family Dog

Carlos Miller

Missouri Cops Caught on Camera Killing Family Dog.

Missouri cops were caught on camera killing a family dog after knocking on a door of a residence and fearing for their lives when the dog came running out to greet them.

Or as they call it, “lunged” at them.

The surveillance video shows Sierra, a rescue dog, did not act any differently than many dogs do when strangers come knocking on the door; a little excited and curious, but probably not planning to do anything but sniff the cop.

Usually, all it takes is to allow the dog to sniff your hand to put it at ease, then pet it. Dogs are not very hard to win over.

But the cop was in fear for his life, so he fired once, but missed, which scared the dog into running away from the cop.

However, that was not enough for the cop, who fired a second time, killing the dog.

And to top things off, it is not even clear why the cops went to the house in the first place. They claimed they were investigating a complaint of a disturbance, but they left the home without making any arrests or determining if the disturbance actually took place in the home.

The incident took place last Friday at 11 p.m.

This is how Kansas City police explained it to KCTV:

“Officers were alerted to a residence where sounds of an argument, sounds of a disturbance, was happening,” Graves said. “A dog came out of that residence and lunged at officers, and in fear of their personal safety, officers shot the dog.”

Police say they will not discipline the officers, but Sierra’s owner, Brandee Buschman, is demanding justice.

She has launched a Go Fund Me drive to raise money to take legal action against the Kansas City Police Department, having raised $250 as of this writing.

Call the Kansas City Police Department at  816-234-5000.


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