Missouri Cops Tases Teen, Son of Cop, for Recording,

Carlos Miller

Missouri Cops Tases Teen, Son of Cop, for Recording, Leaving him in Critical Condition

A Missouri cop tased a teenager who was recording him during a traffic stop before yanking him out of the car, handcuffing him, then dropping him on his face on a sidewalk, sending the young man into bloody convulsions where he is now hospitalized in a coma.

Independence police officer Tim Runnels was upset that Bryce Masters, a son of a Kansas City cop, was sitting in the passenger seat of a car but had refused to roll down his window.

Masters told him the window was broken, but that, of course, angered the cop, who then ordered the teen out of the car.

That is when Masters began recording, according to a friend and witness. who heard him ask, “what am I being arrested for?”.

Within seconds, the cop pulled him out of the car, tased, handcuffed and dropped him on his face where blood came out of his mouth. A friend and witness captured on video the tail end of the incident where he plopped a handcuffed Masters down, then placed his foot on top of his body.

It is reported that he stopped breathing for five minutes.

Several witnesses say the cop abused his power, but Independence police started up the Police PR Spin Machine and insisted that Masters was fighting them viciously, making them all fear for their lives, which is why they had to tase him.

The answer probably lies in Master’s camera, but what are the odds that the footage will even be protected?

Cops had pulled the car over for a minor traffic warrant. The FBI is investigating.

According to KCTV:

“The cop went up to the passenger window and was like, ‘hey, roll down the window,'” Martes said.
However, Martes says Masters couldn’t roll it down.
“He doesn’t have the cable that allows the electric window to work,” Martes said.
But Independence police said Masters had an outstanding traffic violation and refused to cooperate with the officer.
“I believe he did crack the window but did not roll it down any further. He was just being completely uncooperative with the officer,” Sgt. Darrell Schmidli said.
That’s when things got rough.
Police say the officer did what he had to do to protect himself because the teen began to struggle with the officer.
“The driver refused to exit the vehicle. A struggle ensued, a Taser was deployed by the officer. The driver was finally removed out of the car. A struggle ensued once he was moved out of the car,” Sgt. Darrell Schmidli said.
However, witnesses describe a different scene.
“The cop was like, ‘you want to mess with me,’ and pulled out his Taser and tased him. I thought he shot him. Then he pulled him out of the car handcuffed him and drug him around the car,” witness Michelle Baker said.
Schmidli said Masters was warned the officers were going to use a stun gun and still refused to cooperate.
“It looked like he hit his head on the concrete. You could see blood coming out of his mouth. The cop put his foot on his back and moved it back and forth like he was putting a cigarette out and asked him, ‘are you ready to get up now?’ You could tell the kid was going into convulsions,” Baker said.
Witnesses who saw the whole thing happen say they watched Masters die and then come back to life after emergency crews resuscitated him.


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