More Dolton police officers accused of abuse

Carlos Miller

More Dolton police officers accused of abuse

It shouldn’t be surprising why the Dolton Police Department did not have a problem hiring Christopher Lloyd despite the fact that he had been suspended from his previous police job for killing his ex-wife’s new husband in front of their children.

After all, at least six members of the Dolton Police Department in suburban Chicago – including the police chief – are being sued in federal court for alleged abuse, according to a CBS report.

The lawsuit alleged that Dolton police officers beat a man they arrested last summer. It also claimed they ignored his pleas for medical attention, planted evidence on him and then lied during his trial to cover up their wrongdoing.
David Smith said he was arrested by Dolton police officers on July 26, 2008, for possession of marijuana, battery and resisting arrest –- charges of which he was later acquitted. But the 29-year-old said he was still suffering from the alleged abuse he endured while in custody of Dolton police.
“I have two children. I didn’t want to die that night and the injuries that they gave me, they could have killed me,” Smith said. “I kept asking to be taken to the hospital. I told them my nose was broken. I was bleeding profusely out of my nose, the side of my face and they didn’t do anything.”

Obviously, Lloyd fit right into the department because he also broke somebody’s nose unjustly; a 15-year-old special needs student about half his size in an incident caught on video.

The Dolton Police Department is now saying that Lloyd was suspended without pay for that incident, which took place in May, and that he resigned shortly after.

So they are insinuating he was not working for them when he allegedly threatened a woman with a knife before holding a pillow over her face and raping her last month.

But they refused to release his name when the video first emerged. And the police chief claims he has no knowledge of the lawsuit mentioned above.

Nevertheless, Lloyd is now sitting in an Indiana jail facing 20 years in prison for that rape.

He deserves to stand trial for the murder of his ex-wife’s husband, a man he shot 24 times after driving to his house while off-duty in February 2008.

Chicago police accepted his claim of self-defense but an autopsy report contradicts their investigation, according to a lawsuit filed against him and the Robbins Police Department by his ex-wife.


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