N Carolina Student Stands up to School Cops to Record Police Abuse


North Carolina Student Stands up to School Officials to Record Police Abuse

A North Carolina student stood up for his First Amendment right to record after witnessing a school resource officer tasering a student during an altercation Thursday.

The incident took place at West Iredell High School in Statesville. Student Sterling Karrenstein witnessed the resource officer used a taser to subdue a student who punched him in the face during an altercation.

While documenting the incident with his mobile phone, multiple school staff attempted to have Sterling stop documenting the incident and went as far to demand the phone and began grabbing and pulling him in an effort to stop him.

The teachers are identified as Mr. Paterson, Ms Campbell, Mr. Whitson, and Mr. Oates, after having a conversation with Mr. Palmer, Principal of WIHS, Sterling was told that his rights were greatly diminished once he walked upon school property.

This is far from accurate

School policy has no mention of restrictions to speech nor other protected activities as you can read in the 

Sterling was inspired by activist Adam Kokesh and others engaging in protected activities while subject to ire of the State and their agents.


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